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Ashley Jane and Karlie Montana - Slippery Slopes

Description: Ashley Jane doesn't know what's coming, when she sits down with Karlie Montana, at the beginning of this 24 minute lesbian scene. This petite blonde has Karlie's eye, and isn't getting away without a flirt. One thing quickly leads to another, and Ashley's sexy little body hops right out of her clothes, lays back, and finds out exactly how good Karlie is at eating pussy! They go back and forth, giving and taking, then decide to 69 on the floor.

Starring: Karlie Montana, Ashley Jane

Karlie Montana and Dana Vespoli

Description: Karlie Montana shows everything off, wearing nothing but a pair of kinky black leather leggings, at the beginning of this 18 minute lesbian scene. Dana Vespoli holds the camera for this POV introduction, before setting it down, so she can focus on licking Karlie's body parts. Karlie lays back and takes what's coming to her for a bit, then turns the tables, and finishing Dana off with masturbation and a kiss!

Starring: Dana Vespoli, Karlie Montana

Karlie Montana and Samantha Ryan

Description: Karlie Montana, Samantha Ryan, and half a dozen of their sexiest friends star together in this 28 minute pornstar slumber party. Cuddled up together on two beds, the girls giggle and gossip until there's nothing left to do but make each other horny. But while most of the girls just talk and flirt, Samantha and Karlie have disappeared to the shower... where it's time for masturbation and pussy eating, not just talk!

Starring: Samantha Ryan, Karlie Montana

Ella Milano, Samantha Ryan and More - Lesbian Group Sex

Description: Samantha Ryan, Layla Rose, Adrianna Luna, Karlie Montana, Ella Milano and friends star in this all-brunette lesbian gang bang. For 29 minutes, watch the hormones fly as the ladies go from playing Spin the Bottle, to cutting the shit and just admitting they 're all here for group sex! With all these tongues and fingers, they barely need the toys... but every woman loves some penetration while she's being overwhelmed by sex!

Starring: Samantha Ryan, Karlie Montana, Ella Milano, Layla Rose, Adrianna Luna

Karlie Montana, Ella Milano, and More - Lesbian Gang Bang

Description: Samantha Ryan, Adrianna Luna, Ella Milano, Layla Rose, and Karlie Montana star together in a slumber party with spice, in this 16 minute moment of lesbian group sex. The ladies are pretty far along into playtime, when the camera joins them. Everyone is either naked, or - even sexier - wearing thongs. They bend each other over, toss each other to the floor, and go after each others' pussies with tongues and toys, pretty much nonstop!

Starring: Samantha Ryan, Karlie Montana, Ella Milano, Layla Rose, Adrianna Luna

Dani Daniels, Kami Li, and Karlie Montana - Must-See Lesbian Threesome

Description: Karlie Montana, Kami Li, and Dani Daniels show us lesbian group sex like never seen before, in today's 24 minute scene. The lights are low, the whole room is tinted rose, and heavy petting is well underway. With two lovers deep into each other, they get a surprise when their friend adds more oral from behind... it sets them right off, from sensual, to frantically erotic! You'll wish this threesome went on forever...

Starring: Karlie Montana, Dani Daniels, Kami Li

Private Lesbian Sex Tapes

Description: Pornstars look awesome on the set, but get hold of their private videos, and things really catch fire! Brett Rossi, Melissa Jacobs, Vanessa Veracruz, Natasha Nice, Marie McCray, Karlie Montana, Kami Li, Dani Daniels, and Jessie Rogers all agreed to let us peek at the private stash of their lesbian encounters, and it knocked our socks off - and now you've just gotten permission to peek at these private nights, as well!

Starring: Karlie Montana, Marie McCray, Natasha Nice, Melissa Jacobs, Dani Daniels, Brett Rossi, Jessie Rogers, Vanessa Veracruz, Kami Li

Karlie Montana Seeks Shelter, Zoey Holloway Provides

Description: Zoey Holloway's home is Karlie Montana's safe haven, in this 35 minute video that starts as a bad day. But a chat and a glass of wine later, Karlie is in a completely different place - namely, Zoey's bed. Off come the clothes, and out the window go any inhibitions - time to resort to the surest way to feel good! Karlie might find herself swinging by here more often, if it's going to lead to such toe curling sex!

Starring: Karlie Montana, Zoey Holloway

Karlie Montana - Lesbian Threesome in Public

Description: Karlie Montana was looking for romance, but Samantha Ryan and Annabelle Lee had something else in mind, for this 32 minute lesbian scene. When two ladies meet up in public for lunch, the waitress can't help but feel the chemistry - and soon, she's a part of it! The trio meet up after the waitress finishes work, and seduce this shy sweetheart into a threesome, right in the city parking garage!

Starring: Samantha Ryan, Karlie Montana, Annabelle Lee

Karlie Montana and the Girls

Description: Samantha Ryan, Jessica Bangkok, Alyssa Reece, Karlie Montana, and Annabelle Lee are all looking for love, in all the 'L' places. The ladies each contribute a few candid moments in various moods, from breezy and casual, to horny and risqué. Every scene is cute as a button, though, and some of the views you're about to see will definitely leave you wanting more - especially watching two naked brunettes sink into the hot tub together!

Starring: Samantha Ryan, Karlie Montana, Annabelle Lee, Jessica Bangkok, Alyssa Reece

Finger Licking, Fast Car Driving Good Time

Description: You might see the moves these ladies put on for this 12 minute video and think you're looking at straight porn, but not so. Ladies are ladies no matter who they prefer to rub their pussies against... and some ladies just love fast cars, strip teases, and licking their fingers at the camera. Zoey Holloway, Karlie Montana, Annabelle Lee, Jessica Bangkok, Samantha Ryan, and Alyssa Reece are those kinds of ladies!

Starring: Samantha Ryan, Karlie Montana, Annabelle Lee, Jessica Bangkok, Zoey Holloway, Alyssa Reece

Karlie Montana and Jenna Sativa - Probably Not their Final Spin

Description: Karlie Montana knows Jenna Sativa will go for it if she just works up the nerve and makes a move... so here comes the wind-up, and there's the kiss! Broken laundry machines have never been such good news, before this 25 minute lesbian scene came along, causing Jenna to spend the day letting Karlie flirt up a storm... and then this happened! Now their tongues can do their own spin cycle to add to the vibrations...

Starring: Karlie Montana, Jenna Sativa

Karlie Montana and Sasha Heart - Hairy for Hairy

Description: Karlie Montana and Sasha Heart make such a tasty couple that, clearly, the best place to shoot this scene was the kitchen! They are both about to get their snack on, after all... after a sip of coffee, it's time to lick each other for some cream! This is Karlie Montana's Bush Mates, and these two are rolling out the pubic carpet for each other, so get comfortable and enjoy the feel!

Starring: Karlie Montana, Sasha Heart

Karlie Montana and Sovereign Syre - Loose Tongues

Description: Karlie Montana and Sovereign Syre let the lust take over as body language turns into body contact, in this 26 minute scene from Lesbian Couch Crashers. It's hard to ignore the attraction when you've got a boarder who wants to bang you... she's living there now, and she's going to be gone later... so what have you got to lose? Time to loose those tongues, right after they lose the clothes...

Starring: Karlie Montana, Sovereign Syre

India Summer and Karlie Montana Get it Just a Little Twisted

Description: India Summer and Karlie Montana know exactly how this game is played... you lay down the mat, you spin the spinner, you tell your partner to spread out in a compromising position, and then you put your hands on your partner wherever you want! Right? That seems to be the game both of these ladies love best, in this 31 minute scene from My First Time With A Lesbian MILF!

Starring: India Summer, Karlie Montana