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Goldie and Uma Jolie - It Feels Good

Description: Goldie and Uma Jolie have seen that look on lots of faces before... but always on other people, never on each other! Maybe it was there all along... both of these 18 to 21 year old lesbians have to admit, they don't have anyone they hold closer, than each other! Watch their eyes as this pair of lesbians fall in lust or something like it, then head into the house. They let the bikinis and the inhibitions fall away... it's time to do what feels good!

Starring: Goldie, Uma Jolie

Jenna Sativa and Goldie In Each Others' Mouths

Description: Jenna Sativa and Goldie are a pair of lesbian fantasies in the flesh - and you never want to stop a sexy young woman when she's having fantasies! They start on the couch but swiftly move to the bed - where this blonde and brunette couple can lay each other down and drink each other up! The video ends after 32 minutes, but it looks like these two will be busy with each others' pussies much longer than that...

Starring: Goldie, Jenna Sativa

Jenna Sativa Wants Goldie In Her Mouth

Description: Jenna Sativa and Goldie can both feel the sexual tension when they're around each other, and pretending it's not there, is only making it stronger! They'll both feel better if they just let the truth come out... a whole lot better, because it's mutual, and neither one of them wants to wait any longer! Get ready for intimate close-ups of all the squirming, in a 34 minute scene full of passion and skill!

Starring: Goldie, Jenna Sativa