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Videos Featuring : Adriana Malao

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Adriana Malao and Lola Foxx - It's Sex O'clock

Description: Adriana Malao and Lola Foxx just got home from the office, and both walked in the door thinking exactly the same thing - where is my woman?! We're kicking off Shirt and Tie Lesbians with an interracial pairing so ripe, your screen might drip sex sauce. These two can't even get all their clothes off, let alone make it to the bedroom - they're pent up and ready to burst!

Starring: Lola Foxx, Adriana Malao

Adriana Malao and Ashton Devine - More of You

Description: Adriana Malao and Ashton Devine can't believe how well they're connecting! From the moment they met, everything seemed to click - finishing each other's thoughts, laughing at the same things, and even wanting to meet again - it's like they were meant for each other! This 31 minute lesbian first date keeps the chemistry flowing well past the point when both ladies' wet little cups start to run over... and they run right into the bedroom!

Starring: Adriana Malao, Ashton Devine

Adriana Malao and Paris Lincoln Scorch the Sheets

Description: Adriana Malao and Paris Lincoln are here to make lesbian porn look like two works of art, writhing in each others mouths until the audience joins them on a wave of ecstasy -- so get ready for a good time, in this 24 minute session off Shades of Love! The ladies on the roster for this title are the cream of the crop, and watching them pleasure each other will be an experience worth repeating...

Starring: Paris Lincoln, Adriana Malao

Adriana Malao and Karma May - Let's Go Play Outside

Description: Adriana Malao and Karma May does whatever the woman with the big dick says, in this 30 minute scene from Black Pussy Power Play! She says role playing... so put on the costume and come on. Seems someone wants to feel the rush of the chase and the capture all over again, but her lover gets her pussy licked in the end, and then here comes that giant strap on...

Starring: Adriana Malao, Karma May