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She's So Turned On, She Needs an Off Switch

Description: Have you ever seen a woman so horny she almost couldn't masturbate? Get ready for an amateur demonstration, in this 7 minute video. The trick to not making things worse is to avoid the vagina and go straight for the clit - otherwise she'd be there fucking herself for hours! At the end of that, she'd only be sore, and more horny than when she started! The only thing for days like this, is to place the tip of the vibrator directly on the clit, and hope for relief...

Starring: Camille Bee

Ama Port and Camille Bee - Softness

Description: Ama Port and Camille Bee work up a crazy amount of sensuality and lust before the direct sexual stimulation comes into play, for this 35 minute scene from Amateur Lesbian Auditions. The touch of breath and fingertips only makes a woman more sensitive... which is when it's time to start licking clit and working the toys deeper and deeper into that hungry pussy! Not every woman needs a jackhammering to get off!

Starring: Camille Bee, Ama Port