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Bree Daniels and Nilah Summers - Distractions

Description: Bree Daniels gets distracted by a horny Nilah Summers, to start this 33 minute lesbian scene. Bree's trying to read, but her Latina lover won't stop touching her... she's practically naked, and stroking her fingers over the redhead's shoulders, slowly sliding her shirt off. It must be time to ''maintain the relationship!'' You'll never see two women more photogenic as they use their tongues and thumbs to get what they need!

Starring: Bree Daniels, Nilah Summers

Aaliyah Love Imagines Bree Daniels and Jenna J Ross Together

Description: Aaliyah Love teaches Bree Daniels and Jenna J Ross at dance school, and all through every class session, she does her very best not to let anyone know how horny she gets watching those graceful female bodies. In this 34 minute scene from Carrie's Secret, not only do you get to watch Aaliyah shower away the day and masturbate as her fantasies run their course... you also watch two of her lesbian students doing exactly what Aaliyah's imagining!

Starring: Aaliyah Love, Bree Daniels, Jenna J Ross