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Two Brunette Lesbians Hooking Up

Description: Two brunette lesbians are about to hook up after a lot of internet dating and a little bit of sexy texting... and we're invited by both parties to bring it to you, so you can watch it all happen! They don't even make it to the apartment before clothes start coming off... this is the kind of footage that reminds you, you can't fake passionate hookups ! They were going to get to the bed, but the first round of orgasms happened in the tub...

Starring: Arabelle Raphaelle, Sandy Bottoms

Andre Shakti and Arabelle Raphaelle - Did You Feel That?

Description: Andre Shakti and Arabelle Raphaelle feel a spark when they show ecah other their sex toy collections, in this 36 minute scene from Lesbian Strap-On Fantasies: Roommates With Benefits. When things get daring and the ladies start stripping, all shyness goes out the window. The busty brunette goes down on her roommate's strap on, before both girls get their turn being fucked... with roommates like this, who needs a lover?

Starring: Andre Shakti, Arabelle Raphaelle

Arabelle Raphaelle and Chanel Heart - Let Me Hear It

Description: Arabelle Raphaelle and Chanel Heart get close on the sofa and start showing off the sex toys they'd like to use on each other, in the intro to this 31 minute lesbian scene. This is Babes in Toyland, and these two know all about making plastic and rubber into a girl's best friend... and now they're going to show that off, until they each get off, repeatedly, with happy screaming!

Starring: Arabelle Raphaelle, Chanel Heart

Arabelle Raphaelle and Kimberly Chi - Get Off Work, Huh?

Description: Arabelle Raphaelle knows Kimberly Chi isn't kidding, when she says the only way she's getting off early, is to get the boss off... but it's fun giving her that surprised look, every time! These two city chicks strip down to their tattoos and pantyhose gradually, sucking on each other the whole time, in this 19 minute lesbian scene. You'll never see a more genuine depiction of lesbian depravity at the workplace, than from Club Filly -- this is pretty much a documentary for us!

Starring: Arabelle Raphaelle, Kimberly Chi