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Abby Cross and Adrianna Luna in The Make Out Room

Description: Abby Cross and Adrianna Luna can't say no to each other under any circumstances... their sex life can be summed up basically by saying, ''what else is there to life, besides sex?'' But when they enter The Make Out Room for today's 29 minute scene, these horny lesbians are suddenly so aroused, that even they can't handle it. There's only one thing for it... screw until they can see straight again!

Starring: Adrianna Luna, Abby Cross

Abby Cross and Vicky Chase - Shirt and Tie Affair

Description: Abby Cross and Vicky Chase in a bed wearing nothing but their shirts and ties - will you ever look at a beautiful woman in professional attire, the same way, again? We hope not! Watch as these two Shirt and Tie Lesbians add a little crisp shades of white, to the hot pink shades of their wet pussies, and those full body blushes as they grind against each other and whimper...

Starring: Vicky Chase, Abby Cross

Abby Cross and Alessandra Noir - Pacing the Orgasms

Description: Abby Cross and Alessandra Noir decide it's a good day to share a shower and mess up the bed sheets together, in this 30 minute lesbian scene. From the tender caress in the shower, to the lusty licks they warm up with in bed, Abby and Alessandra seem to want all the benefits of taking it slow. They're still making every move the most sensual, until the end of the scene!

Starring: Abby Cross, Alessandra Noir

Shy Love, Abby Cross, and Adriana Chechik - Shy Isn't Shy

Description: Shy Love, Abby Cross, and Adriana Chechik clink their glasses and tip their bottles for this 26 minute scene from Shy Love's Wet. As if they needed any help lowering their inhibitions! This poolside threesome doesn't go for fancy or putting on a show... they just want each others' pussies in their mouths, and they want it badly! There's a whole lot of squirming going on - Shy knows what she's doing when it comes to getting her friends laid!

Starring: Shy Love, Abby Cross, Adriana Chechik

Abby Cross and Lola Foxx Eat Each Other Up

Description: Abby Cross and Lola Foxx each make the best helpers the other has ever had in the kitchen - chipper, beautiful, hands- on, and right on time... this is going to be the best baking day ever! The moment everything's put away, off come the clothes and out come the tongues... there's a smell in this kitchen that's making these ladies want a taste, and it didn't come from any store!

Starring: Lola Foxx, Abby Cross