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Britney Amber and Alex Chance - All Those Horns

Description: Britney Amber and Alex Chance have decided it's way too horny out to go to work today - they're closing the world away and going back to bed, together! In this 26 minute scene from Shirt and Tie Lesbians, the blonde and brunette pair shoot for sensation of spectacle, going over each others' bodies with the kind of womanly touch that only gets rough as much as the moment demands it!

Starring: Britney Amber, Alex Chance

Alex Chance and Alison Rey - The Doctor is In, Sort Of

Description: Alex Chance and Alison Rey star in this 30 minute scene from our October 2015 release, Alex Chance Family Therapist. One thing about keeping a home office, is that the people who know where you live, often make the mistake of assuming you won't sneak off to masturbate in the middle of the day! Alison needs to talk, and wanders around until she walks in on Alex 'taking a break' ... leading to brunette on brunette lesbian fun!

Starring: Alex Chance, Alison Rey

Alex Chance Will See Keisha Grey and Karlee Grey Now

Description: Alex Chance sees Keisha Grey and Karlee Grey in this next appointment from Alex Chance Family Therapist. It isn't always possible for two catty bitches to talk things out... sometimes, the worst thing to bring into the equation, is words! But if they're going to keep their mouths closed, they're going to need a distraction... pussies and tits seem to work, in this 32 minute scene from our October 2015 release!

Starring: Alex Chance, Keisha Grey, Karlee Grey

Alex Chance and Sizi Sev - Time to Initiate the New Girl

Description: Alex Chance and Sizi Sev have been the talk of the office all week. Every time the boss goes to check up on the friendly new girl, there are these awkward silences, and sometimes if you listen very closely, you could swear you heard someone whimpering with temptation! Well, now it's after hours, and wouldn't you know it... the new girl and the boss are the only two around! Time to get to know each other...

Starring: Alex Chance, Sizi Sev