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Lily Cade Fucks Jay Taylor

Description: Sexy brunette Jay Taylor could have her pick of the ladies at the office, but it's boss Lily Cade shes been waiting for. In today's 21 minute lesbian scene, the day finally comes - Lily has had that kind of day at work, that can only be improved by taking a swing at the sexiest girl in the office. Lily gets Jay out of her skin tight dress, bends her over a desk, and fucks her with a strap on!

Starring: Lily Cade, Jay Taylor

If Foreplay's Your Favorite Part...

Description: We're not done teasing you yet - but as you can see, all these glimpses are definitely going somewhere! Get another eye-full in the laundry room, see Lily Cade get her way with the happy couple (before hooking up yet again later), and follow a brunette and her redhead lover to the bedroom. Words can't describe the passion, in these scenes starring Eden Foster, Kara Price, Nikki Hearts, Annabelle Lee, Proxy Paige, Cheyenne, and more.

Starring: Annabelle Lee, Lily Cade, Proxy Paige, Kara Price, Nikki Hearts, Eden Foster, Jay Taylor, Cheyenne

Lesbians with Libidos

Description: They say women hit their sexual primes in their mid thirties, but don't tell these ladies that! Annabelle Lee, Eden Foster, and others invite our cameras to watch and chat while they shamelessly make out between scenes and more, in this 3 minute extra video. Even if they're not having sex, our cameras remind them that their libidos are way out of control - and they know it, and love it!

Starring: Annabelle Lee, Eden Foster, Jay Taylor

Jay Taylor, Annabelle Lee, and Zoey Holloway

Description: The work day is over, and Annabelle Lee's office has a little private meeting going on. Someone didn't get the memo... but she's about to get involved! Jay Taylor and Zoey Holloway join Annabelle in this 29 minute scene from her Lesbian Lawyers DVD. There's very little dialogue or setup for this video... leaving plenty of time for each woman to have her body stimulated beyond the point of orgasm!

Starring: Annabelle Lee, Zoey Holloway, Jay Taylor

Sinn, Nina, Annabelle and More - Behind Closed Doors

Description: Nina Hartley, Sinn Sage, and several other lovely lesbians remind us that every woman you see on the street, is a woman who loves to be touched and thrilled. Angela Attison, Pepper Kester, Zoey Holloway, Annabelle Lee, Jay Taylor, and Taliah Mac throw in as well, showing us what women love to become when they're behind closed doors - sensation starved, orgasm addicted, playful, and more than a little promiscuous!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Sinn Sage, Annabelle Lee, Zoey Holloway, Angela Attison, Pepper Kester, Taliah Mac, Jay Taylor

Annabelle Lee's Lesbian Lawyers, Working for a change!

Description: Annabelle Lee's Lesbian Lawyers aren't always buck naked and climbing all over each other... sometimes they actually get a little work done! This 2 minute quickie features Zoey Holloway, Nina Hartley, Jay Taylor, Pepper Kester, Taliah Mac and Annabelle herself, working and playing. Things aren't nearly as serious as they should be for a law firm... but with all this giggling, flirting, and joking around, it's just right for lesbian porn!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Annabelle Lee, Zoey Holloway, Pepper Kester, Taliah Mac, Jay Taylor

Sinn Sage Takes Jay Taylor to Bed

Description: Jay Taylor and Sinn Sage show us there's still a lot to learn, in this 31 minute segment from Lesbian Riding School. The two brunette fillies have had some intense encounters already, but they aren't finished with each other yet... and Sinn isn't here for a riding lesson today! She's here to seduce Jay like she's never been seduced before... Sinn's as greedy as a man, but slippery and giving as Sinn always is!

Starring: Sinn Sage, Jay Taylor

The Best Bits from Lesbian Riding School

Description: Ally Evans, Dani Daniels, Hayden Hawkens, Jay Taylor, Sinn Sage, and Zoey Kush bring us 15 minutes of scorching highlights from Lesbian Riding School, in today's munch-tastic batch of clips. You have seen many steamy encounters on the farm lately, but here's the bits we've been hiding... The raw, unhinged, unstoppable moments of pawing and kissing that kept our camera crews very busy - the stuff you've got to see!

Starring: Sinn Sage, Dani Daniels, Jay Taylor, Ally Evans, Hayden Hawkens, Zoey Kush

Jay Taylor and Val Dodds - It Sure Feels Natural!

Description: Jay Taylor and Val Dodds sneak off into the woods to find each other for a long overdue encounter in this 29 minute sauna of a scene from My First Lesbian Taste. Jay's easygoing passion and Val's playful vulnerability make for a cute, crunchy, organic seduction. After meeting up, it's time to head for a bed, and treat each other to all the sensations they know how to offer a woman...

Starring: Jay Taylor, Val Dodds

Jay Taylor and Raven Rockette - Pretense for Sex

Description: Jay Taylor and Raven Rockette glisten against each other in this 22 minute scene from The Art of Tribbing. Between friends who have this much sexual tension going on, trying on clothes is a daring idea for an afternoon... after all, trying on clothes, means taking clothes off! It doesn't take long before these two brunettes quit pretending this is anything other than a way to wind up having sex!

Starring: Jay Taylor, Raven Rockette