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Kara Price Strip Searches Roxanne Hall

Description: Roxanne Hall is an inmate being searched by Kara Price, as the setup for this 29 minute scene. The blonde MILF has been a bad girl, and now Kara is having a power trip. Frisking this naughty tramp has Kara taking sexy risks, teasing Roxanne with her words and her club. She makes Roxanne suck a strap on for her own amusement, then fuck it in all kinds of positions, before this strip search ends!

Starring: Roxanne Hall, Kara Price

Lily Cade Dominates Kara Price

Description: Lily Cade has brunette Kara Price right where she wants her, in the beginning of this 23 minute lesbian scene. Lily is devious, acting like she's starved for pussy, as Kara gives in to aggressive advances. After lots of provocative attention, Kara gets right into the spirit, laying Lily back to eat some pussy, just like Lily did to her! But Lily won't be outdone, so she sits Kara down to ride her face!

Starring: Lily Cade, Kara Price

Kara Price and Dana Vespoli - Home Intrusion Defused by Sex!

Description: Kara Price and Dana Vespoli star in a lesbian scene full of danger, with today's 30 minute video. One of the ladies is coming home exhausted and horny, ready to collapse in bed and drift away. The other is a dangerous psychopath with her mind set on mayhem. After the two point guns at each other, they decide there's no need for anyone to get hurt here... at least, not unless they like it rough!

Starring: Dana Vespoli, Kara Price

Kara Price and Sasha Sweet - A Very Friendly Contest

Description: Kara Price and Sasha Sweet show us that video games lead to all sorts of friendly competitions, in this 33 minute scene. The two lesbians compete at video games, then compete at breast sizes... let's just say that so far, the competitions have been pretty one-sided! Fine, they decide, there's one more contest they can settle right now - which of these sexy lesbians can make the other cum the hardest?

Starring: Sasha Sweet, Kara Price

Interviews with Lesbian Pornstars Sinn Sage, Lily Cade, and More

Description: Come along as we corner seven of the starlets lesbian porn fans love, in this chatty 19 minute video. We catch them at their most casual, relaxing at home, for a handful of brief interviews. The run time stacks up to 19 minutes, which means just a couple minutes for each of the ladies... just enough for you to realize how obsessed they are with sex... looks like they'd rather be working today!

Starring: Sinn Sage, Annabelle Lee, Lily Cade, Ela Darling, Sasha Sweet, Kara Price, Laurel Norton

Four Intense Clips including Outdoor and a Threesome

Description: Lily Cade, Sierra Day, Maggie Mayhem and more star in this 12 minute collection of clips from four breathtaking scenes. First, Lily proves that it's actually redheads who have all the fun, when she's the center of attention in a lesbian threesome. Next, you'll be kicked out after watching the foreplay get hot and heavy, by two lovers at home. But after that, Dylan Ryan, and then two beautiful brunettes outdoors, have no such shame!

Starring: Lily Cade, Dylan Ryan, Kara Price, Sierra Day, Katie O'Riley, Abby Darlin, Maggie Mayhem, Audrey Rose

Abby Darlin and Kara Price After Work

Description: Abby Darlin and Kara Price are home alone, and it's about time! Time to get off their feet and be sweet to each other, in today's 38 minute lesbian scene. Every step of the foreplay is smooth and soft, but still sends playful messages about what's to come. It isn't long before the strap on comes out, and each girl gets her turn being eaten, licked, bitten, bent over, and drilled!

Starring: Kara Price, Abby Darlin

Kara Price and Audrey Rose

Description: Kara Price and Audrey Rose pack their dinners and their strap on toys, and wander out to the field past the forest, for this 27 minute lesbian picnic. The food is for later... after they've worked up a hunger. These brunettes might prefer the attention of other ladies, but that doesn't stop their pussies from needing drilled, nice and hard! One lover wears the pants and the dong in this relationship, the whole way through the scene.

Starring: Kara Price, Audrey Rose

Abby Darlin, Audrey Rose, and Kara Price

Description: Abby Darlin, Audrey Rose, and Kara Price greet the camera in their street clothes, and let the crew know exactly how crazy shit's about to get, in this 4 minute video extra. Sometimes porn is best when it's done with a plan - but sometimes the best stuff is done spur of the moment, because nobody wants to follow any instructions except the ones coming from their libidos. This strap on session is one of the latter!

Starring: Kara Price, Abby Darlin, Audrey Rose

Kara Price and Cheyenne - Bad Day Cure

Description: Kara Price and Cheyenne star in this 31 minute moment of lesbian passion. When one lover can't stand to look at her half-packed bedroom for another second, she calls her girlfriend to come to the rescue. The second she walks in the door, the two collapse in to the bed and launch into the kind of love making that burns off any and all frustrations! That's one bad day cured!

Starring: Kara Price, Cheyenne

If Foreplay's Your Favorite Part...

Description: We're not done teasing you yet - but as you can see, all these glimpses are definitely going somewhere! Get another eye-full in the laundry room, see Lily Cade get her way with the happy couple (before hooking up yet again later), and follow a brunette and her redhead lover to the bedroom. Words can't describe the passion, in these scenes starring Eden Foster, Kara Price, Nikki Hearts, Annabelle Lee, Proxy Paige, Cheyenne, and more.

Starring: Annabelle Lee, Lily Cade, Proxy Paige, Kara Price, Nikki Hearts, Eden Foster, Jay Taylor, Cheyenne

Ally Evans and Kara Price

Description: Ally Evans and Kara Price want to learn how to ride... and the horses get the day off when these yummy brunettes decide they really would rather ride each other, in this 33 minute release from Lesbian Riding School. Speaking of release, these two sure are ready to let it all hang lose! They barely keep from tearing each others' clothes off right in the open. Once alone, they do - it's bareback time!

Starring: Kara Price, Ally Evans