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Lesbian CEOs And Office Ho's
Back cover - Lesbian CEOs And Office Ho's

Lesbian CEOs And Office Ho's Vol.1

Description :

Starring : Alex Chance, Sizi Sev, Sheena Ryder, Bobbi Dylan, Arabelle Raphaelle, Kimberly Chi, Georgia Jones, Lotus Lain

Alex Chance and Sizi Sev - Time to Initiate the New Girl

Description: Alex Chance and Sizi Sev have been the talk of the office all week. Every time the boss goes to check up on the friendly new girl, there are these awkward silences, and sometimes if you listen very closely, you could swear you heard someone whimpering with temptation! Well, now it's after hours, and wouldn't you know it... the new girl and the boss are the only two around! Time to get to know each other...

Starring: Alex Chance, Sizi Sev

Bobbi Dylan and Sheena Ryder - From Working to Tribbing

Description: Bobbi Dylan and Sheena Ryder enjoy a little overtime with perks and benefits, in this 28 minute scene from Lesbian CEOs And Office Ho's! What kind of perks? Big perky tits! What kind of benefits? Oh, you just wait and watch... one brunette seducing another in the stock room, and then the pair heading to a comfy couch to suck each others' cunts... does that sound like benefits, to you?

Starring: Sheena Ryder, Bobbi Dylan

Arabelle Raphaelle and Kimberly Chi - Get Off Work, Huh?

Description: Arabelle Raphaelle knows Kimberly Chi isn't kidding, when she says the only way she's getting off early, is to get the boss off... but it's fun giving her that surprised look, every time! These two city chicks strip down to their tattoos and pantyhose gradually, sucking on each other the whole time, in this 19 minute lesbian scene. You'll never see a more genuine depiction of lesbian depravity at the workplace, than from Club Filly -- this is pretty much a documentary for us!

Starring: Arabelle Raphaelle, Kimberly Chi

Georgia Jones Shows Lotus Lain She's the Boss

Description: Georgia Jones and Lotus Lain make our workplace thrill series even more spicy, when they star together in this 23 sultry minute scene from our August, 2018 release: Lesbian CEOs and Office Ho's! Lotus is the boss, and Georgia knows the reputation by now. Sometimes it's not about who you know, but who you blow... or whose cunt you suck with the CEO's blinds drawn! She came to this interracial lesbian encounter ready to please!

Starring: Georgia Jones, Lotus Lain