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My First Time With A Lesbian MILF Vol.2
Back cover - My First Time With A Lesbian MILF Vol.2

My First Time With A Lesbian MILF Vol.2

Description :

Starring : India Summer, Karlie Montana, Veronica Avluv, Dani Daniels, Raylene, Tiffany Thompson, Magdalene St. Michaels, Lola Foxx, Naomi Banxxx, Anna Foxxx

India Summer and Karlie Montana Get it Just a Little Twisted

Description: India Summer and Karlie Montana know exactly how this game is played... you lay down the mat, you spin the spinner, you tell your partner to spread out in a compromising position, and then you put your hands on your partner wherever you want! Right? That seems to be the game both of these ladies love best, in this 31 minute scene from My First Time With A Lesbian MILF!

Starring: India Summer, Karlie Montana

Dani Daniels and Veronica Avluv's Lesbian Wedding Night

Description: Dani Daniels and Veronica Avluv looked beautiful on their wedding day... both of them dressed in white like the blushing brides they both were! But now it's the honeymoon... and it's time for the younger of the two brides to find something to hold on to! A woman can wear white, but it doesn't mean the same thing for everyone, and Veronica is about to teach Dani what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a MILF's experienced mouth!

Starring: Veronica Avluv, Dani Daniels

Tiffany Thompson and Raylene - You + Me = Yummy

Description: Tiffany Thompson and Raylene spend very little time flirting, because they've been here before... and they're ready to satisfy their curiosity! Forget what they've done before, they're ready to experience what they'll do for each other when they finally feel something new! It's too much to wait another moment! Get ready for My First Time With A Lesbian MILF! Two brunettes, one with a lifetime of experience creating sexual satisfaction, and the other with a nubile body you'll want to lick all night!

Starring: Raylene, Tiffany Thompson

Lola Foxx and Magdalene St. Michaels Grind One Out Together

Description: Lola Foxx joins Magdalene St. Michaels in bed, knowing that her current state of arousal makes this like a fly deliberately landing in a venus fly trap! She gets gobbled up, just like she knew she would... enjoy 29 minutes of delicious brunette on brunette action, in this scene from My First Time With A Lesbian MILF! The passion escalates as they lick each others slits, until they're finally tribbing!

Starring: Magdalene St. Michaels, Lola Foxx

Anna Foxxx and Naomi Banxxx - Sunset Gets Hotter

Description: Anna Foxxx and Naomi Banxxx watched the sunset go by enjoying the hot tub and each others' company, but it got more and more difficult to keep their hands and lips off each other, with every passing moment! The night is on fire, and the time has come to stop teasing, and start sucking on each others' bodies! They'll dry their bodies before they hit the sheets, but you'll see plenty of wetness once they're tribbing...

Starring: Naomi Banxxx, Anna Foxxx