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I Love My Lesbian Stepsister Vol.3
Back cover - I Love My Lesbian Stepsister Vol.3

I Love My Lesbian Stepsister Vol.3

Description :

Starring : Osa Lovely, Kat Monroe, September Reign, Milana May, Riley Nixon, Kinsley Karter, Sophia Grace, Jenna Foxx

Kat Monroe and Osa Lovely - Home Alone Again

Description: Kat Monroe and Osa Lovely can't believe how lucky they got, because they didn't only meet merely the perfect lover... they made a connection that keeps them together! There's only one yoga mat, and one shower... and since nobody else is home, they'll be sharing today. Once every crack and crevice is clean, you get to watch close up as their tongues and lips explore every part of each others' bodies...

Starring: Osa Lovely, Kat Monroe

Milana May Seduces September Reign With a Massage

Description: Milana May and September Reign are a little more intimate than your usual pair of massage therapist and client... but that's how you loosen people up when you plan to seduce them on the table, and besides that, these two have a deeper bond! Between the trust and the baby oil, this is bound to be one slippery massage, but then those fingers travel all the way up between the thighs...

Starring: September Reign, Milana May

Kinsley Karter and Riley Nixon - Bake a Cake and Eat Me Too

Description: Kinsley Karter and Riley Nixon whip up a little batter in the kitchen, and then a little banter, to begin this 31 minute lesbian scene. The cake will take a while to bake, but they can lick the frosting off each other right now. Time to make each other cum as hard as they can, once they head to the living room, shed all their clothes, and put their faces up close to smell what's cooking in the ovens between each others' legs!

Starring: Riley Nixon, Kinsley Karter

Jenna Foxx and Sophia Grace Make Each Other Shake

Description: Jenna Foxx and Sophia Grace woke up naked together, but the juices are already flowing once again... let's see how quickly this slender blonde can seduce her new lover for round two! All it takes is the memory of that mouth against her mound, and she's ready to get back in bed and bend over for more! By the time this 30 minute scene is over, these two women will feel their lips quivering at both ends of their bodies...

Starring: Sophia Grace, Jenna Foxx