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Lesbian Yoga Retreat Vol.2
Back cover - Lesbian Yoga Retreat Vol.2

Lesbian Yoga Retreat Vol.2

Description :

Starring : Lily Moon, Kinsley Karter, Amilia Onyx, Gracie Green, Samantha Hayes, Summer Day, Kat Monroe, Maxim Law

Kinsley Karter and Lily Moon - Finally Fucking

Description: Kinsley Karter and Lily Moon have always wished yoga class could go on forever, and their strong sexual urges for each other made up a big part of the reason for that! Now they're finally here... they've paired off, and are just taking things as they come on their Lesbian Yoga Retreat! There's no need to be in a hurry when you're already getting what you wanted, but in this 36 minute video, the moment finally comes...

Starring: Lily Moon, Kinsley Karter

Amilia Onyx and Gracie Green - Slow Down Why?

Description: Amilia Onyx and Gracie Green are daring young women, and they'd had their eyes on each other from the moment they both got to the Lesbian Yoga Retreat. As the flirting on day one started to get out of control, all they wanted was to keep their clothes on, long enough to get into a room! So they made a deal: they'd pair up, and they'd just strip to their panties and tight tops for their yoga. After all, both brunettes know they're going to stare, and then fuck...

Starring: Amilia Onyx, Gracie Green

Samantha Hayes and Summer Day - New Yoga Partner

Description: Samantha Hayes and Summer Day can hardly contain their glee! This Lesbian Yoga Retreat has been amazing so far, and now they've been cut loose to do whatever they want, whenever they want! The sun, the fresh air, the freshly cut grass, and a new friend who probably wants your body... what could be better? It takes no time to realize they're both sneaking in bits of masturbation while they lay beside each other getting familiar... and little time more to decide they're going to do something about it!

Starring: Samantha Hayes, Summer Day

Kat Monroe and Maxim Law - Reach as Far As You Can

Description: Kat Monroe and Maxim Law can't stop looking at each other. There's nothing wrong with that... especially when they catch each other staring, and realize it's mutual! It was bound to happen, on this Lesbian Yoga Retreat! By the time the ladies' leggings and tight, tiny tops fall away, their inhibitions have already been long gone! It's time to stretch the one thing yoga doesn't cover... it's time to stretch their tongues up inside each others' pussies!

Starring: Kat Monroe, Maxim Law