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Tongue Bathing Black Babes
Back cover - Tongue Bathing Black Babes

Tongue Bathing Black Babes Vol.1

Description : .

Starring : Tila Flame, Kaylee Kisses, Pipe Her, Vengeance Pimpin, Black Dolla, Hennesey, Ashton Devine, Kelly Cummings

Kaylee Kisses and Tila Flame Lick Each Other Clean

Description: Kaylee Kisses and Tila Flame showed up with smiles and slippery pussies - but what else do you expect when they're here to shoot a scene for Tongue Bathing Black Babes! They know they're here to get their cunts lapped up until they cum, so it's all about the chemistry as these two ebony lesbians get to know each other. Admiring each others' bodies closer and closer, gets them ready to head indoors, where they can lay on the sofa and drink each other up...

Starring: Tila Flame, Kaylee Kisses

Pipe Her and Vengeance Pimpin - Nice Day for Outdoor Sex

Description: Pipe Her and Vengeance Pimpin won't be taking any calls today... they've got plans to play all day, and nobody else is invited except you! Here comes 24 steamy minutes of outdoor play between two delicious ebony lesbians, in this scene from Tongue Bathing Black Babes! If the tongues and stiff fingers aren't enough, they brought big toys to help them pound away the afternoon one orgasm at a time!

Starring: Pipe Her, Vengeance Pimpin

Black Dolla and Hennesey - They've Got Life Licked

Description: Black Dolla and Hennesey have it all... and if you want some, you're going to have to come wait in the wind and see if they have the time for you! You see, these two Tongue Bathing Black Babes take such good care of each other that the only thing they need from you is an audience. Witness as these two ebony lesbians oil up and find out how slippery they can get in each others' mouths...

Starring: Black Dolla, Hennesey

Ashton Devine and Kelly Cummings - Wet Season

Description: Ashton Devine and Kelly Cummings got so wet during the foreplay segment of this scene, they had to head indoors, or all the steam would have brought us rain! These toned ebony lesbians might look too sexy to be anything but a wet dream, but we assure you, this scene is real... in fact, this is just par for the course when the Tongue Bathing Black Babes come out for the spring seduction season!

Starring: Ashton Devine, Kelly Cummings