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Fit Fam Lesbian Black Babes
Back cover - Fit Fam Lesbian Black Babes

Fit Fam Lesbian Black Babes Vol.1

Description : .

Starring : Envy Star, Ms. Beautidoll, Harley Dean, Teanna Trump, Mia Milan, Layla Monroe, April Fools, Megan Million

Envy Star and Ms. Beautidoll - Come Play in My Patch

Description: Envy Star knows Ms. Beautidoll is out on the grass, swinging a bat in the cage... and she knows that, after she gets done with that, she'll be looking for a way to unwind. In this 43 minute video, Envy will be there, for her chance to take a swing at getting Ms. Beautidoll into bed! Watch everything from the batter's swing, to the swagger and seduction, and on to what happens next, after these two lesbians start slurping on each others' ebony pussies!

Starring: Envy Star, Ms. Beautidoll

Harley Dean and Teanna Trump - Yeah, They're Fucking.

Description: Harley Dean watches Teanna Trump stretch in her sexy lingerie. She knows she's in for something special if her lover is putting on a sexy show for her before she even gets out of the bed! It's easy to be turned on 24 hours a day, if you're sleeping with your Fit Fam Lesbian Black Babes! Watch these two stunners lick every inch of each other, in this 37 minute mouthful of morning sex!

Starring: Harley Dean, Teanna Trump

Layla Monroe and Mia Milan - Bodies In Motion Stay Fit

Description: Layla Monroe and Mia Milan had a busy day planned for our shoot, but they promised we'd want it all for our February 2018 title, Fit Fam Lesbian Black Babes. They were right. Volleyball on the beach, dancing on the stripper pole, and then oiling up for lesbian sex... we've said things like this for titles in the past but these ladies really live the life: there's no better way to have fun than keeping in shape 24 hours a day, and vice versa... especially with sex!

Starring: Mia Milan, Layla Monroe

April Fools and Megan Million - Practice On Me

Description: April Fools and Megan Million just want to slide all over each other until they both cum and melt into a puddle... and that's almost exactly what happens, in this 22 minute scene from Fit Fam Lesbian Black Babes! The babe in blue is sexy, sweaty, and practicing her swing. The pretty one in pink knows that, after practice is over, she's going to get taken down just the way she likes...

Starring: April Fools, Megan Million