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Darcie Dolce Manipulative Massage
Back cover - Darcie Dolce Manipulative Massage

Darcie Dolce Manipulative Massage Vol.1

Description :

Starring : Jillian Janson, Darcie Dolce, Yasmine Scott, Samantha Rone, Reena Sky

Darcie Dolce Seduces Jillian Janson

Description: Darcie Dolce has Jillian Janson naked on her table... now, let's see what she can make happen with those magic fingers! Relaxation is assured... but Darcie wants to see Jillian excited, restless and squirming, first! This is Darcie Dolce Manipulative Massage, and this is one brunette lesbian who knows exactly how to give what you need in order to get what she wants... even if she wants something you weren't thinking when you walked in the door!

Starring: Jillian Janson, Darcie Dolce

Darcie Dolce Makes Yasmine Scott Feel Good

Description: Darcie Dolce has Yasmine Scott ready to be touched anywhere and everywhere, and it sure didn't take long! That's the general theme in our August release for 2017, Darcie Dolce Manipulative Massage. She gets what she wants, and she keeps her massage clients satisfied more than just sexually - she has ways to loosen a woman up in ways she wasn't expecting from either the massage or the sex - even while she's getting her way!

Starring: Darcie Dolce, Yasmine Scott

Darcie Dolce Seduces Samantha Rone

Description: Darcie Dolce finds Samantha Rone wearing scrubs when she makes her house call to give the blonde a massage... but getting her out of those scrubs was easy, and now the brunette is using her magic fingers to see what else might be easy... get ready to find out in this 43 minute scene from Darcie Dolce Manipulative Massage! As you'll see, this client is more of a giver, than a receiver!

Starring: Samantha Rone, Darcie Dolce

Darcie Dolce and Reena Sky - Like Water and Water

Description: Darcie Dolce and Reena Sky have each met their match in this climactic 50 minute lesbian scene. There's no hesitation on anyone's part... they both intend to seduce the other, and they can each smell the sexual receptivity radiating off the other... the mundane massage barely begins before this turns into a sweaty, pussy dripping, heavy breathing romp! Two soft tongues travel up and down two soft bodies to the beat of their rising and falling desires until they finally melt together at the pussies!

Starring: Reena Sky, Darcie Dolce