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Lily Cade's Dirty Pictures
Back cover - Lily Cade's Dirty Pictures

Lily Cade's Dirty Pictures Vol.1

Description : .

Starring : Anna Foxxx, Heidi Jenner, Lily Cade, Lyra Law

Lily Cade Seduced By Heidi Jenner

Description: Lily Cade and Heidi Jenner star in this 9 minute quickie from Lily Cade's Dirty Pictures! Have you ever gotten the impression Lily's life consists of cruising from one wet and willing woman to the next? Sometimes that's exactly how it is... sometimes even she can hardly handle it! See how Heidi gets a lot more done than just the job at hand, when Lily and Heidi have their photo shoot...

Starring: Lily Cade, Heidi Jenner

Lily Cade Finds Lyra Law Waiting

Description: Lily Cade and Lyra Law skip the nuanced bits in this 12 minute clip, instead choosing to go directly for each other's naked bits! Lyra finds out Lily is one of those redheads who loves to play the top, and then shows her she's one of those blondes who knows how to turn the tables with pleasure! They both look like they've got no plans but to be squirming in that bed for the next few hours...

Starring: Lily Cade, Lyra Law

Anna Foxxx and Heidi Jenner Test a Naughty Theory

Description: Anna Foxxx and Heidi Jenner have an 'underwear masquerade' photo shoot scheduled with their favorite photographer, Lily Cade... and they keep hearing these erotic rumors that has them very excited about the potential for sexual mischief! They decide to start licking each others' pussies right in front of her during the shoot just to see what she'll do about it, in this 24 minute scene from Lily Cade's Dirty Pictures.

Starring: Anna Foxxx, Heidi Jenner

Lily Cade Threesome with Anna Foxxx and Heidi Jenner

Description: Lily Cade, Anna Foxxx and Heidi Jenner turn from work to play as seamlessly as only a pair of lesbian models and their photographer can, in this 27 minute scene from Lily Cade's Dirty Pictures! How's a woman supposed to resist when both of these women made themselves as sexy as they could, stripped on the canvas in front of her, and started making out? They already had her wet, she might as well let them play!

Starring: Lily Cade, Anna Foxxx, Heidi Jenner

Heidi Jenner and Lyra Law Make their Own Dirty Pics

Description: Heidi Jenner and Lyra Law know a sure fire way to wind up in the next set of Lily Cade's Dirty Pictures... send her a few naughty samples from their bed! This sexy lesbian couple bare all over the course of a few minutes' flirtation and foreplay, before riding each others' faces, in this 47 minute scene. These two make each other squirm until they're practically wringing themselves out onto the sheets!

Starring: Lyra Law, Heidi Jenner

Lily Cade and Lyra Law Aren't Done Yet

Description: Lily Cade and Lyra Law know there's no time like naked time - so enjoy 40 minutes of nonstop nookie, in this scene from Lily Cade's Dirty Pictures! There are so many perks to being every model's favorite photographer, but the sex has to be the best part! Join your favorite butch redhead when the break after round one of this sexual encounter turns into round two before your eyes!

Starring: Lily Cade, Lyra Law