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Evil Lesbian Stepmother
Back cover - Evil Lesbian Stepmother

Evil Lesbian Stepmother Vol.1

Description : Lesbian porn auteur Lily Cade directs and stars in Evil Lesbian Stepmother, a sensual tale of a severe stepmom who wields her sexual powers ruthlessly... and makes every girl enjoy it. Starring Lily Cade, Piper Perri, Bianca Breeze, Renee Roulette, Mona Wales, Summer Day, and Lana Lovelace.

Starring : Bianca Breeze, Lana Lovelace, Lily Cade, Summer Day, Piper Perri, Renee Roulette, Mona Wales

Lily Cade and Summer Day - Hot Leather Sofa

Description: Lily Cade and Summer Day will show our loyal fans something they rarely see, in this 39 minute scene from Evil Lesbian Stepmother! What you don't expect, and what you'll rarely see again: Lily Cade, overwhelmed, and on bottom for much of the scene! Summer can't get enough of Lily's responses to being touched and fucked... looks like this one's going to be a hot day! Stick around and watch...

Starring: Lily Cade, Summer Day

Bianca Breeze and Lana Lovelace - Used to It

Description: Bianca Breeze and Lana Lovelace skip to the chase pretty quickly in this 36 minute scene from our title for October of 2016! Two brunettes, one bed, and one shared desire... but who will get what she wants, and who will be used for the pleasure of the other? Just because this is an evil lesbian doesn't mean she'll take and not give, right? Find out for yourself, if you're up for it...

Starring: Bianca Breeze, Lana Lovelace

Piper and Renee Get Caught by Lily!

Description: Lily Cade catches Piper Perri and Renee Roulette in the act, to kick off this 46 minute threesome! But first, you'll spy in the dark as two illicit lovers try to sneak their thrills... and you might forget there's a surprise coming, when the lights suddenly come on! Never say no to a redhead who is both horny, and angry... or you might miss out on the amazing action that follows!

Starring: Lily Cade, Piper Perri, Renee Roulette

Bianca Breeze and Mona Wales - Sensations and Vibrations

Description: Bianca Breeze and Mona Wales follow the good sensations wherever they go, in this 43 minute scene from our early October release for 2016. Having your lover straddle your ass while giving you a back massage, feels fantastic... having that sensation travel down, down, down until it becomes a whole different sort of sensual stimulation, is just what these lesbians needed! The toys add even more pleasure as these lovers enjoy each other...

Starring: Bianca Breeze, Mona Wales