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Turning Girls Out Vol.2
Back cover - Turning Girls Out Vol.2

Turning Girls Out Vol.2

Description : Lesbian porn star/director Nikki Hearts introduces Darcie Dolce, Leigh Raven, Lily Lane, and Ellena Woods to volcanic all-girl sex in Turning Girls Out 2: Wifed Up from Filly Films.

Starring : Nikki Hearts, Leigh Raven, Darcie Dolce, Ellena Woods, Lily Lane

Leigh Raven Under Nikki Hearts

Description: Leigh Raven and Nikki Hearts make the sheets steam and smoulder in this 28 minute magic moment from Turning Girls Out. Leigh might think she's died and gone to heaven with Nikki descending on top of her, kisses walking down her neck and breasts, daring to go straight down to give a wet pussy a hello kiss and poke. The sensations never stop with these two so worked up for each other...

Starring: Nikki Hearts, Leigh Raven

Darcie Dolce and Leigh Raven - Suck and Go

Description: Darcie Dolce and Leigh Raven retire to the privacy of a downtown apartment so they can show each other what a wonderful day they're both having, in this 27 minute scene from Turning Girls Out. It's so easy to be seduced when the fun never stops, and the company is always smiling, and always sexy... You'll feel like a welcome onlooker as these two casual lovers get off in each others' mouths...

Starring: Darcie Dolce, Leigh Raven

Ellena Woods and Nikki Hearts - Dynamo

Description: Ellena Woods and Nikki Hearts are both about to find out what it feels like to be on the receiving end when someone sexy and skilled is Turning Girls Out! These two brunettes both have the look and the experience to be the lovers anyone would fantasize about! Watch as they stimulate each others' bodies and minds so well, that this entire 25 minute video is practically filled with continuous writhing orgasms...

Starring: Nikki Hearts, Ellena Woods

Leigh Raven, Lily Lane, and Nikki Hearts Lesbian Threesome

Description: Leigh Raven, Lily Lane, and Nikki Hearts are home from a wild night out, but they're not ready to part ways anytime soon... let's see what happens when these sexy ladies start Turning Girls Out! The chemistry between this trio goes from giggly to giddy with a three way kiss, kicking off 28 minutes of intense lesbian threesome action! Get ready to be desperately aroused at a squirming mess of tattoos and nubile skin, plus a sex toy or two...

Starring: Nikki Hearts, Lily Lane, Leigh Raven