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My First Lesbian Taste
Back cover - My First Lesbian Taste

My First Lesbian Taste Vol.1

Description : Watch hot, beautiful girls embark on their first lesbian experiences with Darcie Dolce, Rain Summers, Ellena Woods, Kimberly Chi, Megan Sage, Jay Taylor, Nyomi Star, and Val Dodds.

Starring : Kimberly Chi, Nyomi Star, Jay Taylor, Val Dodds, Megan Sage, Ellena Woods, Darcie Dolce, Rain Summers

Kimberly Chi and Nyomi Star - She Wants a Taste

Description: Kimberly Chi and Nyomi Star dare to satisfy their curiosities and more, in this 30 minute scene from My First Lesbian Taste. Anyone who enjoys watching someone have a new sexual experience for the first time will find themselves glued to the screen as this bathtub encounter begins... in part because of the way we show you the sexual frustration between these two sexy Asians, before showing you what they do to each other in that tub!

Starring: Kimberly Chi, Nyomi Star

Jay Taylor and Val Dodds - It Sure Feels Natural!

Description: Jay Taylor and Val Dodds sneak off into the woods to find each other for a long overdue encounter in this 29 minute sauna of a scene from My First Lesbian Taste. Jay's easygoing passion and Val's playful vulnerability make for a cute, crunchy, organic seduction. After meeting up, it's time to head for a bed, and treat each other to all the sensations they know how to offer a woman...

Starring: Jay Taylor, Val Dodds

Ellena Woods and Megan Sage - The Date Continues

Description: Ellena Woods and Megan Sage wrap up a romantic walk in the sunset and unwrap each other, to begin this 27 minute scene from My First Lesbian Taste. Some things never change no matter what else does - as this brunette learns when she feels her nervousness fade away during a long date of laughs and flirting. She's been seduced... now it's time to find out what these ladies have in mind for each other!

Starring: Megan Sage, Ellena Woods

Darcie Dolce Welcomes Rain Summers to Her New Home

Description: Darcie Dolce wants Rain Summers to show her her tits, and she doesn't care what she's got to say in order to make that happen! Meet our Lesbian Landlord: a woman with all the power and no shame! Rain doesn't have a problem taking off her top in her own home, but if this is the way the tenant-landlord relationship is going to be, she's going to have her fun, too! After a seductive stare-down, Darcie helps her new tenant break in the sofa.

Starring: Darcie Dolce, Rain Summers