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Lezzz Be Roommates
Back cover - Lezzz Be Roommates

Lezzz Be Roommates Vol.1

Description : Superstar lesbian director Nikki Hearts presents a real erotic story of four hotties seeking one more roommate – gotta have a job and gotta be cute! Don’t mind the house smelling like pussy, you’ll get used to it! Let’s get comfortable… lezzz get sexual!

Starring : Nikki Hearts, Leigh Raven, Draven Star, Farrah Paws, Raven Rockette

Leigh Raven and Nikki Hearts - Ink and Other Sexy Fluids

Description: Leigh Raven and Nikki Hearts are two squirming works of art in this 29 minute lesbian scene! Beautiful brunettes with ink all over their bodies writhe around, kissing and caressing each other until the pleasure is almost too much for even the audience to bear, in this scene off our May 2016 release, Lezzz Be Roommates! With porn paying the bills, these erotic and sensual roommates will never miss the rent!

Starring: Nikki Hearts, Leigh Raven

Draven Star and Farrah Paws, Lesbian Roommates

Description: Draven Star and Farrah Paws toss their digital toys aside and skip the sex toys for this 32 minute scene from Lezzz Be Roommates. A night in doesn't have to be a boring case of the same old same old... not when you're roommate is your lover! This encounter gets hot instantly and spends most of its time in mouthfuls of pussy... and more than mouthfuls of huge tattooed tits!

Starring: Draven Star, Farrah Paws

Leigh Raven and Raven Rockette Ride Each Others' Waves

Description: Leigh Raven and Raven Rockette get closer and closer the the opening moments of this 27 minute lesbian scene. The day is done, but the girlfriend isn't going to do herself! See these two brunette beauties strip down to their tattoos and piercings, and start doing the things that give each other the 'O' face. It all culminates in a glistening, breathless finish of kissing necks and feeling the waves.

Starring: Raven Rockette, Leigh Raven

Nikki Hearts, Leigh Raven and Raven Rockette - Hot Date In

Description: Nikki Hearts, Leigh Raven and Raven Rockette settle the household debts of another kind, in this 24 minute scorcher from Lezzz Be Roommates. Imagine it: a trio of brunettes who've gotten each other off so many times, all freshly bathed, and now squirming and sucking until everyone gets what they want. If your imagination needs a little help with that, this threesome might leave you as numb and tingly as it did these ladies!

Starring: Nikki Hearts, Raven Rockette, Leigh Raven