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Licking Lesbians
Back cover - Licking Lesbians

Licking Lesbians Vol.1

Description : Letís play the licking game! I want to feel your soft tongue all over my tits. I love your wet touch. Your tongue is amazing! Iím going to eat your pussy and ride your face! Oh, mmm, aahhh, yeeessss! Now turn over and let me lick your sweet little asshole!

Starring : Ashley Lovebug, Maddy Rose, Natasha Voya, Jorden Kennedy, Sadie Santana, Dava Foxx, Trinity St.Clair, Alexa Nova

Ashley Lovebug and Maddy Rose - Sweet and Sensual

Description: Ashley Lovebug and Maddy Rose get daring by sucking their popcicles suggestively while staring into each others' eyes, in what promises to be 29 hot moments at the tip of cold tongues, in Licking Lesbians! We're excited as they are, to bring you this title for December 2015, as women treat each other to the most erotic tongue tickling action their libidos can dish out! These 18 to 21 year old lesbians are ready to try anything, especially each other...

Starring: Ashley Lovebug, Maddy Rose

Jorden Kennedy and Natasha Voya - Kiss the Sun

Description: Jorden Kennedy and Natasha Voya have the whole house to themselves, but after making out by the pool, they decide they'd rather eat each other out on something softer than the deck! Time for another dose of Licking Lesbians, as this blonde and brunette pair explore all those sensations that are right at the tip of each others' tongues! Oral sex and the smell of sun kissed skin have always gone so well together...

Starring: Natasha Voya, Jorden Kennedy

Dava Foxx and Sadie Santana - Lick Me Louder

Description: Dava Foxx and Sadie Santana have an appointment for a massage... but things immediately get out of control, just the way they like it! Welcome to Licking Lesbians, where sexual gratification sometimes calls for sexual frustration... because some women know, there's nothing more satisfying than being left unsatisfied! However, in this case, their greedy pussies take over, and they end with tribbing... but when you don't know what to expect, everything feels much louder!

Starring: Sadie Santana, Dava Foxx

Alexa Nova and Trinity St.Clair - Icy Warm Mouth

Description: Alexa Nova and Trinity St.Clair show us what happens when Lesbians experience Latina seduction, in this 26 minute scene from Licking Lesbians. All it takes is an ice cube in the mouth, a little sucking, and a stare that says there are hidden desires at play, to send these two off to bed! An expert tongue can please and tease at the same time, as they're about to remind each other...

Starring: Trinity St.Clair, Alexa Nova