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Lesbian Lust and Basketball
Back cover - Lesbian Lust and Basketball

Lesbian Lust and Basketball Vol.1

Description : OK, so who really cares about sports. All you have to know is that the adult movie Lesbian Lust And Basketball is all about ladies who can't eat enough pussy! Stars Kay Love and Ana Foxxx in an absolutely beautiful scene. SCORE!

Starring : Anna Foxxx, Kay Love, Tiffany Star, Jenna Sativa, Layla Price, Lisa Tiffian, Mia Pearl, Savannah Snow

Anna Foxxx and Kay Love - Net Her

Description: Anna Foxxx and Kay Love pretend the purpose of this meeting is an interview... but we know that the real story here is Lesbian Lust and Basketball! It's hard to miss the chemistry as this interview leaves the street and heads to a more private setting... and they're not trying to ignore the desire they bring out of each other for one second! Watch this interview turn into intercourse as they head form the bricks to the bed...

Starring: Anna Foxxx, Kay Love

Jenna Sativa and Tiffany Star - Good Game Girls

Description: Jenna Sativa and Tiffany Star are the two baddest bitches on the neighborhood court... and speaking of courting... everyone wishes they were going home with one or the other, but behind those sunglasses, they've only got eyes for each other! Time for 22 steamy minutes from Lesbian Lust and Basketball, as they head home, strip down to nothing but their sweat, and show each other what good game really is!

Starring: Tiffany Star, Jenna Sativa

Layla Price and Lisa Tiffian - Better than Basketball

Description: Layla Price and Lisa Tiffian decide to get their heart rates up by staying indoors, in this 28 minute scene for Lesbian Lust and Basketball. They got all sweaty the last time they hit the bricks, and just thinking about the sexual tension is too much... there is a such thing as 'needing to get this out of our system' and luckily both ladies agree! Time to play with big tits almost as big as a basketball, and taste that sexual tension...

Starring: Layla Price, Lisa Tiffian

Mia Pearl and Savannah Snow Need to 'Warm Up'

Description: Mia Pearl and Savannah Snow quickly bore of shooting hoops in the yard once they get a good look at each other and the juices start to flow... if they don't get inside and deal with this rising obsession for sex, they're going to hurt themselves! That's how it goes when your two favorite hobbies are Lesbian Lust and Basketball... so let's follow the ladies inside and see how they get it out of their system!

Starring: Mia Pearl, Savannah Snow