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Sloppy Lesbian Kisses
Back cover - Sloppy Lesbian Kisses

Sloppy Lesbian Kisses Vol.1

Description : Spitting fantasies come alive in this dream-like all-girl kissing-themed movie that gets pretty intense pretty quick. Back and forth saliva sharing, wet pussy obsession, and slobbery ass eating are sure to please your sexual tastes.

Starring : Vanessa Veracruz, Serena Blair, Natalie Heart, Alex Ann, Sasha Heart, Sara Luv

Vanessa Veracruz Touches Serena Blair Everywhere

Description: Vanessa Veracruz and Serena Blair are erotic in every breath and motion, as they come out of their breathy summer dresses and in each others arms, in this 29 minute lesbian scene. They take their time, but can't deny the attraction drawing them to kiss each other more deeply, and in more sensitive parts of the body. Finally the action turns to soft tongue wrestling and the same for their clits...

Starring: Vanessa Veracruz, Serena Blair

Alex Ann and Natalie Heart - Lesbian Sex on a Park Bench

Description: Alex Ann and Natalie Heart have waited too long - it's time for a 'right here, right now' kind of moment! Settle in for 27 minutes at the park as two beautiful brunette lesbians expose themselves sexually to the public! There's no chance this is wrapping up quickly... every lick, touch, and sniff has them climbing the bench with orgasmic reactions! Before it's over, they decide the only way to satisfy both their pussies is to rub them together...

Starring: Natalie Heart, Alex Ann

Serena Blair, Sara Luv, and Sasha Heart - Swapping Spit in the Woods

Description: Serena Blair, Sara Luv, and Sasha Heart haven't even put up the tent yet, but they're glad as hell to be out camping! They came out here for a romantic time that's a little more sexual than romantic, and they just can't wait any more... too many jokes about swapping spit, not enough actually doing it, and cumming in each others' mouths... but now it's time to fix that, in this lesbian threesome!

Starring: Sasha Heart, Sara Luv, Serena Blair

Sasha Heart and Vanessa Veracruz - Squish Splash

Description: Sasha Heart and Vanessa Veracruz sneak into places where they're not supposed to have sex as often as they can, but this spa was begging to be violated like nowhere else they've fucked! The beautiful stonework pool and fountain quickly become the third- and fourth-wettest holes in the room, as this 28 minute lesbian scene heats up. You're in for the most tactile encounter this blonde and brunette pair of ladies can squish together...

Starring: Sasha Heart, Vanessa Veracruz