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Lily Cade's Lesbian Vacation
Back cover - Lily Cade's Lesbian Vacation

Lily Cade's Lesbian Vacation Vol.1

Description : Lily Cade and five of her friends make this a vacation to remember with tension, cheating, and a whole lot of kissing and making up.

Starring : Lily Cade, Rizzo Ford, Jenna Sativa, Jess Gatsby, Anna Foxxx, Sophia Grace

Lily Cade and Rizzo Ford - Dinner's On You

Description: Lily Cade and Rizzo Ford fend off visits from friends in order to have a little privacy, in this delightfully domestic 4 minute lesbian quickie. It's like the whole neighborhood knows that Lily and Rizzo would rather be locked inside fucking! Once they head inside, dinner takes precedence, or so Lily thinks - but that playful spark in Rizzo's eye won't be satisfied until she gets a little erotic play...

Starring: Lily Cade, Rizzo Ford

Jenna Sativa and Jess Gatsby - Bed Hotter than Hot Tub

Description: Jenna Sativa lets Jess Gatsby have the goods, starting with making out naked in the hot tub but moving on to the bedroom, in this 40 minute lesbian scene. Jess is assertive as ever, but Jenna is too turned on to just lay back and take it - the whole thing builds up to Jenna getting fucked with a strap on, and keeps building up until they don't even need the toys anymore!

Starring: Jenna Sativa, Jess Gatsby

Anna Foxxx and Rizzo Ford - You Licked Me at Billiards

Description: Anna Foxxx and Rizzo Ford have been watching each over bend across the billiards table for long enough to have wet panties... and for long enough to decide it's time to do something about it! You'll be glued to your hands when you see the pure desire as Anna sucks on Rizzo's cunt, kicking off the action for this wild 41 minute lesbian romp - and the billiards balls, Anna's ebony skin, and Rizzo's many tattoos might make this the most colorful coitus ever!

Starring: Anna Foxxx, Rizzo Ford

Lily Cade Seduces Sophia Grace

Description: Lily Cade and Sophia Grace do each other right, in this smooth 34 minute lesbian scene. Lily is in her usual seductive prime, and has Sophia melting out of her clothes at the first glance and touch. What can we say, this redhead is a top! She dons the strap on and breaks out all the tricks to make this romp feel as good, a hot, clean, wet pussy tastes!

Starring: Lily Cade, Sophia Grace

Lily Cade and Friends Feeling Free to Fuck

Description: Jess Gatsby, Sophia Grace, Anna Foxxx, Rizzo Ford, and Jenna Sativa join Lily Cade for an all hands on deck lesbian orgy, in this 43 minute group sex epic! Let's face it, the minute we plotted to cram this many lesbian porn stars into one room and then let them get bored, this scene was destined to happen... it doesn't matter who's with who when the chemistry has gotten this out of control!

Starring: Lily Cade, Anna Foxxx, Jenna Sativa, Jess Gatsby, Rizzo Ford, Sophia Grace