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Karlie Montana's Bush Mates
Back cover - Karlie Montana's Bush Mates

Karlie Montana's Bush Mates Vol.1

Description : Sexy girlfriend roommates share a craving for pussy hair pulling orgasms. Tease, pull and OMG! But when sexy secrets are exposed, karma goes downtown to even the score! This tight cast of fuzzy-bush young ladies will drive you wild as they drive each other crazy! Time for a selfie!

Starring : Georgia Jones, Jenna Sativa, Sasha Heart, Karlie Montana

Georgia Jones and Jenna Sativa - Pull My Hair

Description: Georgia Jones and Jenna Sativa both kept their pussies a little bit hairy -- so that they each would have something to hold on to while they drink each other -- for this 23 minute lesbian scene. Hair and sweat and dripping wet stares, all trickle up and down these two brunettes. It turns out they needed something to hold on to, too, because the action was all over the place, up and down the back of the sofa, and down on the floor...

Starring: Georgia Jones, Jenna Sativa

Georgia Jones and Sasha Heart - Carnal Comfort

Description: Georgia Jones has Sasha Heart in her bed, down to her panties, and so worked up that she looks half ready to fall apart... and both ladies know sex only gets better when every nerve is exposed, so here comes the moment where Sasha gets what she needs! She basically melts into the bed for the first half of this 30 minute video... before livening up to make things even more intense!

Starring: Georgia Jones, Sasha Heart

Karlie Montana and Jenna Sativa - Probably Not their Final Spin

Description: Karlie Montana knows Jenna Sativa will go for it if she just works up the nerve and makes a move... so here comes the wind-up, and there's the kiss! Broken laundry machines have never been such good news, before this 25 minute lesbian scene came along, causing Jenna to spend the day letting Karlie flirt up a storm... and then this happened! Now their tongues can do their own spin cycle to add to the vibrations...

Starring: Karlie Montana, Jenna Sativa

Karlie Montana and Sasha Heart - Hairy for Hairy

Description: Karlie Montana and Sasha Heart make such a tasty couple that, clearly, the best place to shoot this scene was the kitchen! They are both about to get their snack on, after all... after a sip of coffee, it's time to lick each other for some cream! This is Karlie Montana's Bush Mates, and these two are rolling out the pubic carpet for each other, so get comfortable and enjoy the feel!

Starring: Karlie Montana, Sasha Heart