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Lesbian Bush Worship
Back cover - Lesbian Bush Worship

Lesbian Bush Worship Vol.1

Description : Explore the righteously sexy jungle bush with the hottest pussy hair pulling lesbians of the century. Bushes collide! Friction of rubbing bushes together gets real. Eight super aroused long hair lesbian girlfriends admire and devour each otherís pussy with a little extra hair-play time! Let your precious pubes grow to be worshiped! Bush worshipers unite!

Starring : Ela Darling, Willow Hayes, Marie McCray, Sasha Heart, Eden, Teagan Riley, Violet Monroe, Bianca

Ela Darling and Willow Hayes - Valentine's Treats

Description: Ela Darling and Willow Hayes nibble on each others' sensitive bits, and make a sexy as hell effort not to miss a single spot, in this 19 minute scene from lesbian Bush Worship. What more could you want for the month of Valentine's Day, than to watch Ela and Willow drive each other wild with some of the most sensual oral sex scenes ever? You'll swear you're able to taste them...

Starring: Ela Darling, Willow Hayes

Marie McCray and Sasha Heart Both Love Hair Pie

Description: Marie McCray and Sasha Heart know pussies better than anyone, so you can believe it or not - but that hair, is meant to be there! They've both got hairy pussies and when they see that about each other, when they start to go down, they both know this is going to be some of the most natural sex they've ever had! Wait until you see this brunette almost crying because of how good it feels to be in this redhead's mouth!

Starring: Marie McCray, Sasha Heart

Teagan Riley and Eden - Shower Sex

Description: Teagan Riley and Eden could have made the water boil away if they'd been one degree hotter, in this 20 minute shower scene from Lesbian Bush Worship. Hairy pussies and whole bodies are already clean, but the water is hot and so are Eden and Teagan! They have so much fun grinding and licking each other in the shower, they don't even bother to move to the bed this time!

Starring: Eden, Teagan Riley

Sasha Heart, Violet Monroe, and Bianca - Kneel Before You

Description: Sasha Heart, Violet Monroe, and Bianca prepare for a sexual liaison where everybody gets their turn being the target - with toe curling, pulse pounding results! In this 26 minute threesome from Lesbian Bush Worship, ''worship'' becomes the operative word... at any given moment, one of these women will have it so good, she barely knows what's hitting her! ''Grin and bear it'' in this case means grin and see if the other can bear it... grin, lick, poke and stroke all over their body, that is!

Starring: Sasha Heart, Violet Monroe, Bianca