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Seduced by Mommy Vol.10
Back cover - Seduced by Mommy Vol.10

Seduced by Mommy Vol.10

Description : I won’t tell your Dad, he doesn’t need to know. Just relax, we’ll keep this between us! You have such a beautiful body, you’re turning me on! Pussy is power, let Mommy teach you! We can practice, just us girls, right? Oh yes, you’re such a good daughter!

Starring : Holly Heart, Jenna Marie, Nadia Styles, Sara Luv, Holly West, Jay Taylor, Natasha Voya, Nina Elle

Kick Back, Make Yourself at Home, Get Licked!

Description: A young blonde with no sense of shame or when to keep her feet off of white furniture, might be a challenge for the MILF she lives with... but the only challenge she can think about, when she looks at that 18 to 21 year old body wearing those tiny, tight shorts, is the challenge of seduction! Turns out this willing blonde housemate was a lot less of a challenge than she expected...

Starring: Holly Heart, Jenna Marie

Nadia Styles and Sara Luv - Healthy Licks

Description: Nadia Styles and Sara Luv just happen to agree exercising feels way better when you do it naked... with new friends!Yeah, nobody's even pretending this isn't a seduction! Watch this MILF and her 18 to 21 year old brunette booty buddy, lick all the sweat off every inch of those sculpted bodies. This lesbian session gets so raw, you'll taste it - and these look like two of the healthiest ladies you could ever lick!

Starring: Nadia Styles, Sara Luv

Holly West and Jay Taylor - Get My Grind On

Description: Holly West and Jay Taylor won't be interrupted when they taste the squeal in each others' pussies, in this 30 minute scene from our January, 2015 release. You'll be able to see the seduction coming a mile away, when this one starts, despite the fact that the ladies are sitting slightly apart. The magnetism is as easy to spot, as their naked bodies once the clothes come off, and their pussies start to grind!

Starring: Holly West, Jay Taylor

Description: Natasha Voya and Nina Elle have lived together long enough to know the sexual tension isn't going to stop. When Nina the blonde MILF lingers as she passes through the living room, Natasha the 18 to 21 year old temptress gets distracted from her book, to that other fantasy. Before long, she's not sure whether it's finally happening, or she's drifted so far into fantasy that she's using her sex toys on the couch...

Starring: Natasha Voya, Nina Elle