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Teen Lesbian Fantasies
Back cover - Teen Lesbian Fantasies

Teen Lesbian Fantasies Vol.1

Description : Budding young lesbians seize the moment and let go of hesitation. Enjoy these beautiful young women unleash a kiss, a touch and then everything! Being gay has advantages, including new opportunities in education and close girlfriends getting closer!

Starring : Goldie, Jenna Sativa, Lily Cade, Maci Winslett, Olivia Wilder, Kasey Warner, Addison Ryder

Jenna Sativa and Goldie In Each Others' Mouths

Description: Jenna Sativa and Goldie are a pair of lesbian fantasies in the flesh - and you never want to stop a sexy young woman when she's having fantasies! They start on the couch but swiftly move to the bed - where this blonde and brunette couple can lay each other down and drink each other up! The video ends after 32 minutes, but it looks like these two will be busy with each others' pussies much longer than that...

Starring: Goldie, Jenna Sativa

Lily Cade and Maci Winslett - Here to Mouth You

Description: Lily Cade and Maci Winslett have been playing it cool up to now, but Lily doesn't keep her lusts under wraps for long -- and Maci wore this sexy red dress because she knows Lily can't stand it anymore! Time to sit back and watch these two explode all over each other -- there's an amazing amount of sexual hunger on display in this 29 minute scene, even for Lily!

Starring: Lily Cade, Maci Winslett

Kasey Warner and Olivia Wilder - On the Desk

Description: Kasey Warner and Olivia Wilder star in this 31 minute lesbian fantasy, enacted. The rules have been broken, and the next lesson is about to be -- very good, rules were made for exactly that! Now bend over the desk and let's see what else I can grade you on... if you've ever wanted one of the MILFs, or 18 to 21 year old students, you met from the opposite side of a desk... here comes your fantasy!

Starring: Olivia Wilder, Kasey Warner

Addison Ryder is Lily Cade's Dessert

Description: Addison Ryder and Lily Cade have been wining and dining each other all night, but now dinner is over and there's nothing left to do but the smoking... the smoking hot sex, that is! Addison might not have known what she was in for, but as far as Lily's concerned, dinner doesn't start until she's eating pie! Hmm, that pussy needs to be stirred... time to put on the strap on!

Starring: Lily Cade, Addison Ryder