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Kissing Cousins Vol.3
Back cover - Kissing Cousins Vol.3

Kissing Cousins Vol.3

Description : You are my cousin, girl… I mean seriously! It doesn’t matter, just kiss me! Don’t worry about the family, and don’t think too much, we’re here just to have fun! It does feel good to play with your hot body! Don’t stop Cuz!

Starring : Ashley Lovebug, Luna Paradise, Goldie, Uma Jolie, Christie Nelson, Samantha Hayes, Addison Berlin, Princess Sophia

Ashley Lovebug and Luna Paradise - Pushing Buttons

Description: Ashley Lovebug and Luna Paradise don't seem to know how to put on the brakes - they're both half naked, and the body language is only getting hotter! They don't care what anybody says - these hands and lips know what they want! After sharing a soft lip lock, things get more daring as mouths move to nipples, and clits... now that they've found each others' go buttons, it's full speed ahead!

Starring: Ashley Lovebug, Luna Paradise

Goldie and Uma Jolie - It Feels Good

Description: Goldie and Uma Jolie have seen that look on lots of faces before... but always on other people, never on each other! Maybe it was there all along... both of these 18 to 21 year old lesbians have to admit, they don't have anyone they hold closer, than each other! Watch their eyes as this pair of lesbians fall in lust or something like it, then head into the house. They let the bikinis and the inhibitions fall away... it's time to do what feels good!

Starring: Goldie, Uma Jolie

Christie Nelson and Samantha Hayes - Fuck Yes

Description: Christie Nelson and Samantha Hayes are here to remind us that nobody has sex like 18 to 21 year old lesbians have sex - and how could they? Perfect bodies, unspoiled libidos, ultra sensitive to every touch, and ravenous like an animal with new teeth - these two brunettes are about to remind us what sex is all about! You'll feel the tingles riding up their spine and rolling right into your nervous system, when these two beauties do each other...

Starring: Christie Nelson, Samantha Hayes

Addison Berlin and Princess Sophia Cross the Line

Description: Addison Berlin and Princess Sophia cross the line and start touching each other in ways that make them want to never stop - and since nobody's here to stop them, it looks like these two blondes have some sexy trouble to get each other into! Or should we say, it's no trouble at all, for these two 18 to 21 year old lesbians, to let themselves get into each other...

Starring: Addison Berlin, Princess Sophia