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Between the Headlines
Back cover - Between the Headlines

Between the Headlines Vol.1

Description : It all starts when staffer Elena (Vanessa Veracruz) witnesses Hilary (Nina Hartley) and Michelle's (Lotus Lain) secret tryst. Will she tell the media (Aaliyah Love as Megyn K and Lily Cade as Rachel M) or will Fixer Aiden Starr make her an offer she can't refuse? Find out in this raunchy Capital Hill farce.

Starring : Nina Hartley, Lotus Lain, Ela Darling, Vanessa Veracruz, Aaliyah Love, Zoey Monroe, Aiden Star, Lily Cade

Nina Hartley and Lotus Lain - Sex and Politics

Description: Nina Hartley has a date with Lotus Lain in this 31 minute scene from Between the Headlines. Capital Hill has seen its share of scandals, but the tawdry episodes playing out in this Club Filly title beat all! There's even more sex than scandal, and we'll follow all the ladies as the plot thickens... here, despite loosening each other up with wine, Nina and Lotus decide their lips are sealed... to each other!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Lotus Lain

Ela Darling and Vanessa Veracruz - Well, She's a Redhead

Description: Ela Darling gives Vanessa Veracruz much more than the friendly ear she needed, in this 34 minute scorcher from Between the Headlines. Ela's mouth got dry talking, so down she goes with barely a soft bite with the lips on Vanessa's tits. Find out which of these lesbian lovers wins the battle of ''no you lay back and let me eat your pussy until I say I am done!'' Spoiler alert: Ela can be so persuasive...

Starring: Ela Darling, Vanessa Veracruz

Aaliyah Love and Zoey Monroe - Celebrity Benefits

Description: Aaliyah Love catches Zoey Monroe alone in her spider's web of sexual desire, in this 30 minute segment of Between the Headlines. Aaliyah's hot on a story... but she's at her hottest any time she catches one of her sexy writers, or interns, or techs, or interview guests... Aaliyah loves catching women hanging around late, acting nervous, dressed more for a date than for work... it looks like this gorgeous blonde news anchor just got her lesbian clit licked by two women in the same work day!

Starring: Aaliyah Love, Zoey Monroe

Aiden Star, Lily Cade and Vanessa Veracruz

Description: Aiden Star and Lily Cade are Vanessa Veracruz's first stop as she seduces her way across the political landscape to figure out the best way to use her saucy leverage! Everyone is fucked if the secret gets out... but Vanessa's only out to make sure she gets what she wants! For now, this lesbian threesome is enough to occupy her lusts... but she's not done with her dirty secret yet!

Starring: Aiden Star, Lily Cade, Vanessa Veracruz