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Lesbian First Dates
Back cover - Lesbian First Dates

Lesbian First Dates Vol.1

Description : You are so beautiful and is is such a pleasure to meet you! This is my first lesbian experience, will you come home with me?

Starring : Misty Stone, Chanel Heart, Adriana Malao, Ashton Devine, Layton Benton, Jamie Sullivan, Nikki Ford, Ashley Lovebug

Chanel Heart and Misty Stone get along famously.

Description: Chanel Heart and Misty Stone could tell from the very beginning, they were going to get along famously. Between moments of a flowing conversation, we kick off the unveiling of Lesbian First Dates with a breathtaking pair of ebony ladies finishing dinner of pasta and red wine. Do you want to see how two women with boiling-hot chemistry behave, in the moments before they first bed each other? Who doesn't?

Starring: Misty Stone, Chanel Heart

Adriana Malao and Ashton Devine - More of You

Description: Adriana Malao and Ashton Devine can't believe how well they're connecting! From the moment they met, everything seemed to click - finishing each other's thoughts, laughing at the same things, and even wanting to meet again - it's like they were meant for each other! This 31 minute lesbian first date keeps the chemistry flowing well past the point when both ladies' wet little cups start to run over... and they run right into the bedroom!

Starring: Adriana Malao, Ashton Devine

Jamie Sullivan and Layton Benton - Touch Time

Description: Jamie Sullivan and Layton Benton show us, in this 36 minute scene from Lesbian First Dates, that it's not only the guys who get so horny they can't help but rush in for a sexual pass! Horny is as horny does, and these two had a choice - either it's time for sex, or it's time to go home and masturbate! You shouldn't need to guess how quickly Jamie and Layton found their way to the couch to play...

Starring: Layton Benton, Jamie Sullivan

Ashley Lovebug and Nikki Ford - Whisper Me Wet

Description: Ashley Lovebug and Nikki Ford are working on one hell of a wet spot, in this 26 minute scene from Lesbian First Dates. All the sweet nothings have already been whispered... so those mouths are wandering way down south, on another mission now! Enjoy your invitation to watch the discoveries and orgasms unfold, as these two plant their very first kisses and seek to taste each others' most sensitive bits...

Starring: Nikki Ford, Ashley Lovebug