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Amateur Lesbian Auditions
Back cover - Amateur Lesbian Auditions

Amateur Lesbian Auditions Vol.1

Description : These cuties are doing girl on girl action on camera for the first time!

Starring : Ashley Graham, Alina Long, Crystal Clark, Natalie Storm, Camille Bee, Mallory Nichols, Kira Kay, Ama Port

Ashley Graham Takes the Dare

Description: Ashley Graham is ready to find out now long she can take her new toy directly on the clit -- and since this video is less than 5 minutes long, you can guess this is going to be an exciting few minutes! She doesn't let up though, as much as she wants to squirm and squeal and get her clit out from under the overwhelming pleasure, she keeps it there until she cums...

Starring: Ashley Graham

Alina Long Proves We Want Her

Description: Alina Long carries herself (on her back) like she's sure this job's in the bag - definitely one of the more confident Amateur Lesbian Auditions we've had this year! When she starts teasing her clit with her pink buddy and we see her face react as if she's giving herself the most excruciating pleasure for our enjoyment, we can see why she knows she's hot! She never did give in to the urge to just start fucking herself...

Starring: Alina Long

Crystal Clark and Natalie Storm - Grind it Out

Description: Crystal Clark and Natalie Storm ham it up for the camera a quick moment before giving all their attention to each other, in this 26 minute scene from Amateur Lesbian Auditions. These two brunettes take their time to let the chemistry bubble just right, then treat each other to every kind of stimulation the moment begs for! By the end of it, they're grinding pussy against pussy to get the orgasms out of their system!

Starring: Crystal Clark, Natalie Storm

She's So Turned On, She Needs an Off Switch

Description: Have you ever seen a woman so horny she almost couldn't masturbate? Get ready for an amateur demonstration, in this 7 minute video. The trick to not making things worse is to avoid the vagina and go straight for the clit - otherwise she'd be there fucking herself for hours! At the end of that, she'd only be sore, and more horny than when she started! The only thing for days like this, is to place the tip of the vibrator directly on the clit, and hope for relief...

Starring: Camille Bee

Brunette Amateur Gets Herself Off

Description: This brunette's pussy was ready to walk off to the bedroom without her, but it needed her hands to push in the toy! This 4 minute quickie from Amateur Lesbian Auditions has nothing to distract from the hot stuff - just one fine brunette having all the fun her pussy wants, grinding and squirming against that toy, with the camera in a position for a full frontal view of penetration!

Starring: Ama Port

Kira Kay and Mallory Nichols Get Glowing

Description: Kira Kay and Mallory Nichols will be more than happy to show the camera what they've got - this is Amateur Lesbian Auditions, so we hope you like nervous energy and total abandon - let's see whether they know how to have fun! Somewhere between a seduction and a takedown, you'll see these two brunettes sink into each other and see what it tastes like to get each other off!

Starring: Mallory Nichols, Kira Kay

Crystal Clark - Giggle and Cum

Description: Crystal Clark doesn't need much to have a good time, so the power toys we offered her for this 4 minute solo quickie were more than enough! Her sensitive pussy reacted so much she broke out into giggles and could barely take all the pleasure! This hot solo session is like a tall drink of water for anyone who loves brunettes and glasses... Crystal had so much fun she had to lick the toy!

Starring: Crystal Clark

Natalie Storm Almost Forgot to Wait for the Camera

Description: Natalie Storm is already naked when this video starts, sitting on the sofa with her legs spread wide, and her chosen toy nestled into her labia. There's nothing quite like an audition from a woman who's too horny to wait for direction - if that's your thing, Natalie is just one more reason not to miss Amateur Lesbian Auditions! This Asian brunette is pretty, perky, and started the video already primed to cum...

Starring: Natalie Storm

Ama Port and Camille Bee - Softness

Description: Ama Port and Camille Bee work up a crazy amount of sensuality and lust before the direct sexual stimulation comes into play, for this 35 minute scene from Amateur Lesbian Auditions. The touch of breath and fingertips only makes a woman more sensitive... which is when it's time to start licking clit and working the toys deeper and deeper into that hungry pussy! Not every woman needs a jackhammering to get off!

Starring: Camille Bee, Ama Port

Mallory Nichols Cums Herself Raw on a Toy

Description: Mallory Nichols almost looks like she thinks this toy will bite her pussy, but that's not really what's happening. She's heard this thing's going to get her off way faster and harder than she's usually ready for... well, anticipation is part of the fun! In this 5 minute scene from Amateur Lesbian Auditions, watching Mallory get comfortable losing her composure so she can just cum is half the thrill!

Starring: Mallory Nichols

Kira Kay Lets It Wash Through Her

Description: Kira Kay learns the first lesson of working in porn, in this 4 minute casting couch quickie: if you want to get in, you have to show us you want to get off! It can't be all business, in this business! Watch the layers peel away as Kira melts her pussy, in this extra from Amateur Lesbian Auditions. That is definitely a smile we see creeping into her cheeks toward the end!

Starring: Kira Kay

Alina Long and Ashley Graham Fit

Description: Alina Long and Ashley Graham might be here for Amateur Lesbian Auditions, but there's not one moment of newbie hesitation - these two want each other so bad, our camera crew was afraid they'd miss the action! One's got a pierced pussy and is exactly as inviting as that implies... the other just is as sexually curious and playful as you'd expect from a lesbian redhead... can we pair them, or what?

Starring: Ashley Graham, Alina Long