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Mommy And Me Vol.10
Back cover - Mommy And Me Vol.10

Mommy And Me Vol.10

Description : Superstar MILF Tanya Tate invites you to explore her horny maternal instincts! As Tanya’s divorce is finalized, daughter Karla Kush is there to comfort her with a clit rubbing climax. Tara Holiday feels frisky after finding daughter Carter Cruise’s stash of lesbian porn mags. When Carter spies Mom masturbating she helps her reach orgasm by lending a helping hand. Shylar Green shares her virginal vagina with mom Cherie Deville for a sinful sexing after therapist Tate recommends more family time. Ava Addams has come to realize she prefers the sexy soft touch of a woman than a man. Step-daughter Kelly Diamond catches her in the middle of a MILF on MILF hook-up with Tanya and, with a little coaxing, surrenders herself for cougar conquering. Mother knows best…the best way to please daughter in Mommy & Me #10

Starring : Tanya Tate, Karla Kush, Tara Holiday , Carter Cruise, Cherie DeVille, Skylar Green, Ava Adams, Kelly Diamond

Karla Kush Comforts Tanya Tate

Description: Tanya Tate can't resist Karla Kush's idea of ''being there for a friend'' -- not when her pussy responds to Karla's advances so willingly! The bad news can wait... Tanya suddenly has nothing on her mind except for Karla's nimble fingers and soft, restless lips, finding their way around her pussy... By the end of this romp, the MILF is ready to laugh again - at least her sex life is still fucking amazing!

Starring: Tanya Tate, Karla Kush

Carter Cruise Walks In On Tara Holiday

Description: Carter Cruise walks in on Tara Holiday masturbating, but goes from being freaked out to feeling very seduced in a matter of moments, in this 35 minute lesbian scene. The nice thing about younger women is that once they're seduced, you can lay back and let them do all sorts of wonderful things to your body... that's what Tara has in mind when Carter starts licking and sucking her tits! The scene isn't over until after a thorough mutual exploration...

Starring: Tara Holiday , Carter Cruise

Tanya Tate, Cherie DeVille, and Skylar Green - Sex Therapy

Description: Tanya Tate helps Cherie DeVille, and Skylar Green get the most out of their sex lives, in this 29 minute segment of our June, 2014 release. Everything from proper boob groping and hair stroking for maximum seduction, to how and where the kisses should travel when they float down a lover's body, will be covered and practiced on this therapist's couch... and the lovers don't mind a bit if Tanya watches up close!

Starring: Tanya Tate, Cherie DeVille, Skylar Green

Tanya Tate, Kelly Diamond, and Ava Adams - It's That Time

Description: Tanya Tate, Kelly Diamond, and Ava Adams have a very fun evening planned for ladies' night in... it involves wine, and they might have a little threesome in mind, but just you hush about that until it's time! Oh, everybody's here? Then it's time. It's going to be a long weekend, but there's a lot of wine, and you can have a lot of sex with three horny, friendly lesbians in the same house...

Starring: Ava Adams, Tanya Tate, Kelly Diamond

Skylar, Tanya, Cherie, Ava and Karla - Extra Footage

Description: Cherie DeVille, Skylar Green, Ava Adams, Karla Kush, and Tanya Tate all came out to play for our June, 2014 feature. The play time didn't all happen during planned scenes, but these ladies have a habit of finding a camera when they're horny... so here's just a glimpse of the fun we couldn't leave on the cutting room floor! This happy collection of fresh meat and sultry MILFs can't wait to ...hey, nevermind, who's waiting?

Starring: Ava Adams, Tanya Tate, Cherie DeVille, Skylar Green, Karla Kush