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Best Friends Vol.3
Back cover - Best Friends Vol.3

Best Friends Vol.3

Description : These best friends know what they like! Follow your bliss, strip your hottest girlfriend naked, and go a little crazy together! Supple and moist, these young ladies share the love! BFFF = best fucking friends forever!

Starring : Sami St-Clair, Delilah Davis, Sadie Holmes, Tara Morgan, Sabrina Banks, Gianna Nicole, Catie Parker, Ember Stone

Delilah Davis and Sami St-Clair Don't Need a Bed

Description: Delilah Davis and Sami St-Clair have a moment in the kitchen that leads to lovemaking in this 26 minute scene from Best Friends. You can tell there's something going on when things are so casual that both ladies' tits are hanging out... this video sees the two brunettes having moved on from denying their desires - now they're drinking each other up at every opportunity and not even bothering to find a bed!

Starring: Sami St-Clair, Delilah Davis

Sadie Holmes and Tara Morgan Finally Fuck

Description: Sadie Holmes and Tara Morgan are in that place again - where they've chatted and giggled until the sexual tension is too much. They don't know how to act anymore... they want to molest each other so bad that all they can do is act all pent-up. Sadie's not having it anymore - she makes the move and opens the floodgates, in this 30 minute episode of Best Friends. Tara is blown away but loves every second as the two lick each other like candy!

Starring: Sadie Holmes, Tara Morgan

Gianna Nicole and Sabrina Banks Hook Up

Description: Gianna Nicole and Sabrina Banks stars in this watershed scene from Best Friends. When one brunette actually catches herself with her hand down her pants while staring at her best friend in a bikini, it's time to do something about it. All it took was one move before Gianna and Sabrina ended up doing everything she'd ever imagined together, such as cumming into each others mouths and walking away from it hand in hand!

Starring: Sabrina Banks, Gianna Nicole

Ember Stone, Catie Parker, and Tara Morgan - The WTF Threesome

Description: Ember Stone, Catie Parker, and Tara Morgan wind up having a lesbian threesome after a moment that could have been dreadfully awkward instead of awesomely hot, in this 20 minute scene. Two Best Friends call to tell the third they might come over later, but in reality, they're coming over now to spy on her, maybe play a prank or something... and then they see her with her toy gliding in and out of her pussy. Partly for the prank and partly because they're turned on, they barge right in...

Starring: Catie Parker, Tara Morgan, Ember Stone