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Seduced by Mommy Vol.9
Back cover - Seduced by Mommy Vol.9

Seduced by Mommy Vol.9

Description : Mom, are you sure this is OK? Of course, my baby girl, itís nice to lay out nude in the sun, just us couple of girls! Rub some oil on my skin, doesnít that feel good? Trust me, Iím your loving mother! Do you like how Mommy licks your pussy? Yes, I do, and I want to cum all over Mommyís face! I will always be Mommyís little dirty girl! And if you ever want to know anything else about lesbian sex, just come to me!

Starring : Allison Moore, Abby Cross, Nikki Daniels, Ashlyn Molloy, Jennifer Best, Tara Morgan, Aaliyah Love, Taylor White

Abby Cross and Allison Moore - Try Me

Description: Abby Cross and Allison Moore share a very nice home together, and a deep lust they just can't hide. In this 35 minute scene, a deep connection grows much more intimate when a brunette MILF reveals her secret desire by bravely stepping into the shower behind her roommate for a surprise erotic encounter. Her bold approach leads them to bed together, and to round after round of passionate sexual exploration.

Starring: Allison Moore, Abby Cross

Ashlyn Molloy and Nikki Daniels - How Hot Does This Get?

Description: Ashlyn Molloy and Nikki Daniels have gotten past the hesitation, and are well into the honeymoon phase of their lesbian relationship. That means this scene comes from that place where they must try to pretend their constant sex is just incidental, or else they'll laugh at themselves, for what sex freaks they're turning each other into! Naked sunbathing does it for this encounter, and soon they're too hot to stay outdoors...

Starring: Nikki Daniels, Ashlyn Molloy

Jennifer Best and Tara Morgan - Why Not

Description: Jennifer Best and Tara Morgan find out there's no such thing as ''just a backrub'' -- at least, not between two people who secretly lust after each other -- in this 30 minute lesbian scene. The 18 to 21 year old roommate walking by made the blonde MILF forget to not flirt, and re response was a naked woman on her table... sometimes you just don't want to say no to temptation!

Starring: Jennifer Best, Tara Morgan

Aaliyah Love and Taylor White - You Make My Cardio Go Wham

Description: Aaliyah Love and Taylor White have been workout buddies long enough for the sexual tension to be obvious to both of them. Aaliyah notices that Taylor has opted to wear a tiny pair of ass shorts and they both decide they might as well cut the shit and start taking clothes off. It's all so natural that they don't even play right away... Aaliyah comes to Taylor as she's relaxing on the couch after the workout, and all those sparks finally catch!

Starring: Aaliyah Love, Taylor White