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Turning Girls Out
Back cover - Turning Girls Out

Turning Girls Out Vol.1

Description : Life as a lesbian in Hollywood can get a little messy, but in the most rewarding way! Nikki Hearts documents her hot new hook-ups that go from sweet simple sexy to hardcore heavy humping!

Starring : Nikki Hearts, Carmen Callaway, Jessa Rhodes, Janice Griffith, Aiden Ashley, Cameron Canada

Carmen Callaway and Nikki Hearts In Off the Street

Description: Carmen Callaway brings Nikki Hearts in to chill for a bit off the street, in this 32 minute scene from Turning Girls Out. Carmen and Nikki have had such awesome chemistry that they just keep gabbing... soon, Carmen has to grin while she waits to see how long until Nikki realizes she's brought them to a bed. It doesn't take long... and Carmen's about to be bent over and fucked with a strap on!

Starring: Nikki Hearts, Carmen Callaway

Jessa Rhodes and Nikki Hearts - Party Hard vs Party Wet

Description: Jessa Rhodes and Nikki Hearts partied their asses off last night, and Nikki even got some sex by the look of things, but not the kind she was after... Jessa is passed out on the patio, and Nikki's unsatisfied and unwilling to go home with regrets. Lesbian sex by the pool will be the first thing the other partiogoers see as they stumble around... and as hot as Nikki and Jessa are, anyone who sees this will think they're dreaming!

Starring: Nikki Hearts, Jessa Rhodes

Janice Griffith and Nikki Hearts - Pink on Her Breath

Description: Janice Griffith catches up with Nikki Hearts at the park and invites her home for ''whatever,'' in this 28 minute scene from Turning Girls Out. If Janice thinks she's the first temptation Nikki's pussy has ever had from the lesbian side of the fence, well, Nikki can run whatever game she likes... All kidding aside, if you love what brunettes can do to a libido, get ready to lose track of time...

Starring: Nikki Hearts, Janice Griffith

Aiden Ashley and Cameron Canada Cum To Nikki Hearts

Description: Aiden Ashley and Nikki Hearts drop in on Cameron Canada to kick off this 43 minute scene from Turning Girls Out. Cameron and Aiden can't help but traipse around in their underwear acting excited, and you can see from the look on Nikki's face, exactly what she's thinking: do you bitches not read tee shirts? It doesn't matter, they're determined to be two more hot bitches Nikki owns, so we get this scorching threesome!

Starring: Aiden Ashley, Nikki Hearts, Cameron Canada