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Seduced by Mommy Vol.8
Back cover - Seduced by Mommy Vol.8

Seduced by Mommy Vol.8

Description : Mom is teaching her beautiful daughter some new things about girlfriends! Tune in and listen up for full review of touching, kissing, and eating hot juicy young pussy! Study the delicate seduction of youth, beauty and innocence by experience, passion and sensuality. Enjoy the heat in this all new high-friction older-younger lesbian movie!

Starring : Sasha Heart, Shey Fox, Sabrina Addams, Alana Evans, Sienna Day, Holly West, Nikki Chase, Brenda James

Shey Seduces Sasha and Sabrina

Description: Shey Fox gets to watch Sasha Heart and Sabrina Addams make out, before seducing them into a lesbian threesome, in this 22 minute scene. Younger brunettes have always been Shay's fantasy, and now there are two wet pussies on her couch... can you blame her for wanting a taste? She could hardly imagine what would happen... she barely dared hope she'd end this scene on her back, legs spread wide, with both Sasha and Sabrina rubbing and licking her!

Starring: Sasha Heart, Shey Fox, Sabrina Addams

Alana Evans Licks Sienna Day's Birthday Suit

Description: Alana Evans and Sienna Day make a birthday celebration for two, way more fun than it sounds like, in this 23 minute lesbian scene. At first, the birthday balloons only remind Sienna that she's alone. The loneliness overwhelms her to the point where she flees to her room to look in the mirror and find out what's ''wrong with her'' to keep her so alone. Alana finds her moping in her underwear and gives Alana what she really wants...

Starring: Alana Evans, Sienna Day

Nikki Chase ''Entertains'' Holly West

Description: Holly West is bored and Nikki Chase is horny - come find out which gives in to the other, in this 19 minute scene! Nikki finds her favorite dyed-purple brunette studying in bed, or trying to - but it's easy to see she's looking for a distraction, and that's exactly what Nikki's here to be. After squirming on her back for most of the video, Holly gets her own tongue wet in Nikki's slippery kitty...

Starring: Holly West, Nikki Chase

Sasha Heart and Brenda James - How to Lick the Blues

Description: Brenda James catches Sasha Heart moping, and climbs into her bed to make it all better, int his 23 mintue lesbian scene. If you've ever wished you had the power to remove a woman's top with only a few words and a gentle touch, you might want to take notes... because, as you're about to see, Brenda is the mistress of soft seductions and overwhelming orgasms! Soon, Sasha forgets everything except for the way her pussy feels in Brenda's mouth...

Starring: Brenda James, Sasha Heart