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Lesbian Rehab
Back cover - Lesbian Rehab

Lesbian Rehab Vol.1

Description : Bitch, please! Come inside the padded white room for your lesbian rehabilitation. Sexy social rejects get full body treatment in this all-girl crazy house! Indulge in some naughty behavior or suffer the consequences! Lesbian desires must be fulfilled, or you’ll never go home!

Starring : Elexis Monroe, Chanel Heart, Yasmine de Leon, Angelina Chung, Mary Jane Mayhem, Lotus Lain, Nikki Peyton

Chanel Heart Has Elexis Monroe's Attention

Description: Chanel Heart realizes Elexis Monroe didn't send her to solitary as a form of punishment pretty quickly in this 32 minute scene from Lesbian Rehab. Chanel isn't here because she's breaking the rules - unless there's a rule against distracting the rehab counselors to the point where nothing gets done except for fantasizing about lesbian sex! No, Elexis brought Chanel here so she could sneak a chance to act out those fantasies...

Starring: Elexis Monroe, Chanel Heart

Mary Jane, Angelina, and Yasmine - Lesbian Threesome

Description: Mary Jane Mayhem, Angelina Chung, and Yasmine de Leon sink deep into their addiction to sexy female flesh, in this 24 minute threesome from Lesbian Rehab. There's ''old habits,'' and then there's reveling in debauchery - these three are having a Mardi Gras to remember, squirming into each others' mouths until they can't move anymore! Once you see them taking turns giving each other 2-on-1 stimulation, you won't blame them...

Starring: Yasmine de Leon, Angelina Chung, Mary Jane Mayhem

Lotus Lain and Nikki Peyton Get Their Grind On

Description: Lotus Lain gets Nikki Peyton's pants off and finds her creamy dessert, to start this 19 minute scene from Lesbian Rehab. Nikki's feeling thirsty too, so the blonde and ebony pair turn over and over, pleasing and being pleased, in each others mouths. You'll lose count of the orgasms as these two bathe their tongues in each others' pussy juices, in an encounter you might find yourself re-watching for days...

Starring: Lotus Lain, Nikki Peyton

Elexis Monroe and Lotus Lain - ''Special Session''

Description: Elexis Monroe gave Lotus Lain their first kiss while dressed for her job as a rehab counselor... now the tryst continues, and Elexis is rocking much sexier outfits for these seductive sessions! Here comes the next 26 minute taste of tawdry encounters, from our 2014 release of Lesbian Rehab. It might not be the cure she was expecting, but Elexis makes sure Lotus hardly even thinks about her old ways of getting off!

Starring: Elexis Monroe, Lotus Lain