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Tanya Tate's Brit School Brats Vol.2
Back cover - Tanya Tate's Brit School Brats Vol.2

Tanya Tate's Brit School Brats Vol.2

Description : The naughty teachers from Brit School Brats have gone on strike leaving the over-sexed school girls to their own mischievous and lust filled ways. MILF-tastic Tanya Tate returns after a call from her naughty niece Samantha Bentley alerting her that the school in danger of closing. Upon arrival, Tanya meets student Lucia Love who is in need of some girl on girl cuddles and comforting. As tutor Franki Rider is packing up, she explains the school is to close without teachers or a head mistress! Mrs. Rider is persuaded to stay when horny sex kitten Samantha Bentley use her delicious young body to satisfy her deep desires. Tanya calls in reinforcements in the form of gym instructor Angel Long who puts supple teen Delilah Dash through an orgasmic workout. Gorgeous science teacher Lexi Lowe is too distracted by studying taught teen Roxy Mendez to care about the strike, but takes a helping hand from Tanya to assist her in a horny three-way with Roxy. As the new Headmistress can Tanya save the school? The girls get a lesson in love in Brit School Brats Episode 2: Rule Brit Tanya!

Starring : Angel Long, Delilah Dash, Tanya Tate, Franki Rider, Samantha Bentley, Lucia Love, Roxy Mendez, Lexi Lowe

Lucia Love Gets Motivated by Tanya Tate

Description: Lucia Love gets private time with Tanya Tate, in this 24 minute scene from Tanya Tate's Brit School Brats. The headmistress doesn't think this 18 to 21 year old brunette sees her own full potential, and Tanya can't have such a lovely young lady being left behind. A shockingly sudden seduction, and some sexy bossiness, wakes Lucia up ... aggressive sucking and fingering, wakes up her big tits and her pussy!

Starring: Tanya Tate, Lucia Love

Franki Rider and Samantha Bentley (With Supervision)

Description: Franki Rider lets Samantha Bentley eat her pussy with cigarettes on her breath, in this 29 minute scene from Tanya Tate's Brit School Brats. Franki's lips are visibly soaked in pussy juice, within seconds of her kisses moving south of Samantha's border, and you'd better believe there'll be turnabout! Tanya Tate watches on breathlessly the whole time, hoping to make it a threesome, as these two brunettes cum for each other...

Starring: Franki Rider, Samantha Bentley

Angel Long and Delilah Dash Get Caught

Description: Angel Long and Delilah Dash prove that Tasha's wrong if she thinks she knows everything that goes down in her school's halls, in this 25 minute scene from Tanya Tate's Brit School Brats. These two blondes aren't trying very hard to keep things a secret, but at least they get a chance to taste each others' outrageous, public lusts for a while before Tanya walks in on them while they're knuckles-deep in pussy!

Starring: Angel Long, Delilah Dash

Roxy Mendez's Threesome with Lexi Lowe and Tanya Tate

Description: Lexi Lowe and Tanya Tate will haze Roxy Mendez without the students' help - you never know what kind of treatment to when you're one of Tanya Tate's Brit School Brats! The two blondes have this nervous brunette cornered, but as soon as she realizes just what kind of hazing this is, she settles in for whatever her horny elders have in mind! When the students are so willing, a threesome like this can go on and on...

Starring: Tanya Tate, Roxy Mendez, Lexi Lowe