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Mommy And Me Vol.9
Back cover - Mommy And Me Vol.9

Mommy And Me Vol.9

Description : I always knew it would be Mommy and me! Nobodyís going to find out, I promise! Youíre so wet! Do I get to taste my mumís pussy now? I love it when you eat your motherís pussy! What a good daughter! Make your Mom cum! You do everything way better than your Dad! I love you, Mom.

Starring : Alura Jenson, Bre Blu, Alexa Aimes, Chasey Lain, Audrey Aguilera, Tanya Tate, Natalia Starr, Cindy Cruz, Scarlet Banks

Bre, Alexa and Alura - Morning Sex for Three

Description: Alura Jenson, Alexa Aimes, and Bre Blu find out that hot, topless women can bum around the house as late as they want... especially if they're going to wake up in the afternoon in the mood for a lesbian threesome! That's how things begin in this 32 minute scene - two brunettes give their blonde MILF hostess the kind of orgasmic afternoon that explains why she puts up with all their antics!

Starring: Alura Jenson, Bre Blu, Alexa Aimes

Audrey Aguilera and Chasey Lain - Floodgates

Description: Audrey Aguilera and Chasey Lain show us what it looks like, when two lesbians get accustomed to that ideal lovers' arrangement - ''you can have this anytime'' - in this 34 minute lesbian scene. Take a taste of the taboo, as 18 to 21 year old ladies indulge their favorite MILFs in sexual fantasies which are as scandalous as they come - and, in this case, keep on indulging even after filming's done!

Starring: Chasey Lain, Audrey Aguilera

Natalia Star Soothes Tanya Tate with Sex

Description: Natalia Star helps Tanya Tate in a moment of need, with something much more intimate than a shoulder! in this 33 minute, Tanya gets to bury her sorrows between Natalia's sexy thighs, for a sure-fire cure to any kind of heart ache. It doesn't matter whether she wants to lick, be licked, or even if she likes her lesbian fucking with a side of foot play - nobody's judging in this seductive sexual sanctuary!

Starring: Tanya Tate, Natalia Starr

Cindy Cruz and Scarlet Banks - That Looks Familiar...

Description: Cindy Cruz and Scarlet Banks take the old thrill of getting busted having sex, to a whole new level, in this 37 minute lesbian scene. There's getting busted... and then there's walking in on someone as she masturbates to a video of you having sex! There's no room for confusion with a set up like that... so watch what happens when Cindy and Scarlet are faced with each others' lusts!

Starring: Cindy Cruz, Scarlet Banks