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Nina Hartley Unscripted
Back cover - Nina Hartley Unscripted

Nina Hartley Unscripted Vol.1

Description : “Thanks to Filly Films I had the best time with a completely new-to-me lineup of hot, smart, fun, sexy babes. What happens when Nina meets horny girls? Buy this movie and find out!” – Nina Hartley

Starring : Nina Hartley, Charli Piper, Gigi Allens, Penelope Stone, Natasha Voya, Natasha Starr, Natalia Starr

Nina Hartley Threesome with Gigi Allens and Penelope Stone

Description: Nina Hartley catches wind that Gigi Allens and Penelope Stone are having some of the hottest lesbian sex Nina's production team had ever seen. As you can imagine, it's only a few minutes later, when Nina finds out she's quite welcome to join the ladies in their fun - because this is all a set-up for Nina Hartley Unscripted! Get ready to see a MILF and a legend break out her toys and techniques on two horny, younger pros!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Gigi Allens, Penelope Stone

Nina Hartley and Natasha Voya - The Kitty Creamed

Description: Nina Hartley and Natasha Voya spare a moment for the camera, before Nina's touch seduces Natasha, and the tingles begin in this 29 minute lesbian scene. For an 18 to 21 year old actress, Natasha's touch gets Nina purring like a pro. Nina worships Natasha's ass for a while, then the toys come out to bring all these tingles to a buzzing, orgasmic head. The grins on their faces at the end, say it all...

Starring: Nina Hartley, Natasha Voya

Nina Hartley and Charli Piper - The Dungeon Lurker

Description: Nina Hartley catches Charli Piper poking around looking cute and curious in her bondage dungeon. The infamous blonde MILF finds her younger redhead intruder wet and ready to let Nina do her worst - get ready for 46 adventurous minutes from Nina Hartley Unscripted! Charli gets strapped up, strapped down, spanked, sucked on, stroked, and kept at the verge of constant orgasm as Nina satisfies both her own hunger, and Charli's ''curiosity!''

Starring: Nina Hartley, Charli Piper

Natasha, Nina, and Natalia - Take Your Licks

Description: Natalia Star and Natasha Starr join Nina Hartley in this 40 minute scene from Nina Hartley Unscripted. These two younger lesbians blow the blonde MILF's mind by starting a threesome by sitting on either side of Nina and pinching her nipples while they chat - no wonder Nina was starving to eat pussy within minutes! And of course, with threesomes at Nina's, there's toys enough for all three horny pussies...

Starring: Nina Hartley, Natasha Starr, Natalia Starr

Nina, Charli, Natasha, Gigi, and Penelope - Naked Cast Chat!

Description: Nina Hartley plays along with Charli Piper, Natasha Voya, Gigi Allens, and Penelope Stone, as they barge in on Nina for slippery surprise visits in Nina Hartley Unscripted. This 46 minute feature brings you naked chats with the cast, including some very high-energy moments between rounds while three happy pussies cooled down, a few fun bits we couldn't leave on the cutting room floor, and all-around adorable behavior from five starlets buzzing on sexual chemistry!

Starring: Nina Hartley, Charli Piper, Gigi Allens, Penelope Stone, Natasha Voya