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High Contrast
Back cover - High Contrast

High Contrast Vol.1

Description : Explore the sticky sweet combinations of chocolate and vanilla as these beautiful women ravage each other in High Contrast. The passion-filled story centers around interracial relationships that get just get better with all-girl sex! Remember, we are all pink on the inside!

Starring : Aaliyah Love, Lotus Lain, Daisy Lane, Sophia Fiore, Misty Stone, Lily Cade, Ivy Sherwood, Ela Darling, Nikki Darling

Aaliyah Love Fucked by Lotus Lain's Strap On

Description: Lotus Lain knows Aaliyah Love isn't having a sex life unless her pussy's getting stretched good and hard. So when the MILF decides she's cool with taking the 18 to 21 year old blonde up on her sexual advances, she knows the usual toys are barely going to be good for warm up ... the hot little blonde tramp won't be happy with anything less than a strap on, in this 30 minute scene from High Contrast!

Starring: Aaliyah Love, Lotus Lain

Daisy Lane and Sofia Fiore - Blanket Pounce

Description: Daisy Lane feels electricity in Sofia Fiore's lingering fingers, as the sexy Latina lesbian rubs lotion on her topless friend, barely resisting the urge to grope. Daisy gets Sofia's top off, but sunscreen isn't the ''favor'' she's returning. Soon Sofia's nipples are hard and her pussy is wet, her skin is alive, and she wants more! The two lesbians taste themselves on each others' lips, as this 41 minute scene from High Contrast comes to a close.

Starring: Daisy Lane, Sophia Fiore

Ela Darling Surrenders to Nikki Darling's Dong

Description: Ela Darling lets Nikki Darling have anything her black lady-groom wants, in this, the 38 minute fantasy of their lesbian wedding night! The redhead bride keeps inviting Nikki with kiss after kiss, until the kisses and fingers wander south - after that, Ela's soft, pink mouth can only gasp at the pleasure! She'll get her lover's taste in her mouth, but she wants what's coming, most of all... to be divided and conquered by her wife's strap on!

Starring: Ela Darling, Nikki Darling

Lily, Misty, and Ivy Sherwood - High Contrast Threesome

Description: Misty Stone walks in on Lily Cade working her seductive magic on Ivy Sherwood during a photo shoot, to start this 35 minute scene from High Contrast - - or, is Misty's arrival all part of the seduction this time? It doesn't matter, because in this threesome, everyone's getting a whole lot of head and attention! The whole light-stroking, deep-fingering affair ends with Lily in the middle, orgasming in Misty's mouth while Ivy cuddles and watches...

Starring: Misty Stone, Lily Cade, Ivy Sherwood