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The Muse
Back cover - The Muse

The Muse Vol.1

Description : Corey Reid (Lily Cade) convinces her hot girlfriend Sarah (Chloe Lynn) to play ingenue for recently divorced artist Sophia Mithcell (Ela Darling). The plan is for Sarah to scam out Sophia out of her money. but she ends up falling in love instead. Sophia's jealous ex Linda (Missy Martinez) can't handle the attention Sophia and Sarah are getting and goes so far as to crash Sophia's partywith a Sophia lookalike (Aaliyah Love) in tow. Afraid to admit she lied, Sarah goes AWOL and Sophia hooks up with Linda, who helps her realize she shouldn't give up on love.

Starring : Aaliyah Love, Chloe Lynn, Ela Darling, Lily Cade, Missy Martinez, Amber Rayne

Lily Cade, Amber Rayne, and Chloe Lynn - The Muse

Description: Lily Cade, Amber Rayne, and Chloe Lynn get all tangled up together, in this 35 minute lesbian threesome. Lily's deviousness hits new levels when she brings her hot girlfriend in on a scam that starts with sex. The magnetic butch redhead, her lover, and their horny lesbian mark all mingle their tastes in each others' mouths, as all their sensitive spots get the new trio treatment - after all, they've got to make it convincing!

Starring: Amber Rayne, Lily Cade, Chloe Lynn

Aaliyah Love and Missy Martinez - The Muse

Description: Aaliyah Love and Missy Martinez take a break from creating drama to enjoy each others' bodies in this 35 minute lesbian scene from The Muse. Aaliyah has been recruited to pose as Missy's ex for purely vindictive reasons, and tonight's the night when everything comes to a head. Missy is not enjoying her petty games, but as you'll see, she is enjoying this impossibly hot blonde's body and shameless sexual aggression!

Starring: Missy Martinez, Aaliyah Love

Chloe Lynn and Ela Darling from The Muse

Description: Chloe Lynn and Ela Darling have a serious case of lip lock at the beginning of this 31 minute scene. In our summer 2013 release The Muse, the fan favorite redheaded waif has just come out of a relationship, and you can see for yourself, Ela is unhinged and ready for action! Chloe wants a lot out of Ela, and we don't just mean sex... but if you're curious about the plot, you'll just have to pay attention before and after the lesbian sex!

Starring: Ela Darling, Chloe Lynn

Ela Darling and Missy Martinez Reunite for Tonight

Description: Ela Darling and Missy Martinez reunite for a romp with the ex, in this 38 minute lesbian scene from The Muse. They might be over, but as you'll see, there's still plenty of affection there. When exes put aside their differences, the only thing that's left is that sexual skill they've built up during the course of the relationship - meaning, Ela and Missy know exactly how to get each other jumping and squealing, right off the bat!

Starring: Ela Darling, Missy Martinez