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The Many Shades of Juliet March
Back cover - The Many Shades of Juliet March

The Many Shades of Juliet March Vol.1

Description : Drama and sexual tension are being stretched to a near breaking point in this lesbian bdsm psycho-sexual erotic thriller. Dominant mistress and high power femme Ms. Grey is pregnant and dismissing her young submissive slut Juliette March from her service. But will this bratty bottom survive in bleak rainy Seattle surrounded by jealous submissives, devious whip wielding Mistresses, filthy farm animals, and punishments that leave her ass welted pink and her cunt dripping wet? And will Ms. Grey finally keep the insanity of her sexy ex-girlfriend Leila? Or will Leila gain the upper hand by playing dirty? Leila’s revenge is sweet and demented and leaves Ms. Grey’s security guard seduced, bound, and swore to secrecy. Is this the end of Ms Grey? Will this power hungry femme fatale prevail? Or will she loose all that was once black and white in a muddled delusion of grey.

Starring : Sadie Lune, Juliette March, Isla Gold, Reyja, Aiden Star, Syd Blakovich

Juliette March and Sadie Lune

Description: Juliette March and Sadie Lune star in this 51 minute string of orgasms from The Many Shades of Juliet March. Juliette likes to keep her women guessing... but most of all, she simply likes kept women! She selects her defiant brunette lover for some discipline and orgasms, and the result is nearly an hour of descent into sensation and sensuality as these lesbians use their charms, toys, and kinky fetishes on each other...

Starring: Sadie Lune, Juliette March

Isla Gold and Reyja - Delicious Distractions

Description: Isla Gold and Reyja start this scene with a shoulder rub, and let things go where they will, from there. Sometimes you just want to get your work done even when every distraction in the world sounds more appealing... but this work-at-home lesbian has a lover who makes a pass she can't refuse! Her shoulders, breasts, and feet get worshiped until she can't resist any longer, so she gives her lovely lady distraction some much-needed discipline...

Starring: Isla Gold, Reyja

Aiden Star, Syd Blakovich, and Handcuffs

Description: Aiden Star and Syd Blakovich meet at Aiden's place to unwind and get kinky, in this 51 minute cut-away from The Many Shades of Juliet March. Handcuffs and strap ons don't even begin to describe what Syd's in for, when Aiden bends her over to begin. The latex gloves are on and the kid gloves are off - Aiden's in a bossy mood. It looks good on her... and she looks good on Syd!

Starring: Aiden Star, Syd Blakovich

Isla Gold Takes Lessons from Juliette March

Description: Isla Gold and Juliette March step inside for a bit of private bonding in this scene from The Many Shakes of Juliet March. All the hard work on your lover's lesbian bondage fetish farming and nudist colony has to have its rewards - such as when Juliet roams the grounds looking for sex. Besides, these new lovers take so much training... time to get Isla in her collar get to know her better!

Starring: Juliette March, Isla Gold