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Best Friends
Back cover - Best Friends

Best Friends Vol.1

Description : Girrrrl, youíre crazy and this is cray-cray!! If youíre sure your okay with it, Iíve waited so long for you to do this to me! Thatís what best friends are for! Take a vacation from boys, naughty girls are fun and feel so good. Hottest lesbian BFFs ever!

Starring : Heather Starlet, Delilah Blue, Emily Benjamins, Florence Dolce, Cali Carter, Catie Parker, Lola Milano, Macy Cartel

Delilah Blue and Heather Starlet - Ravenous Restraint

Description: Delilah Blue and Heather Starlet can't contain the lust when this 32 minute scene kicks off. As soon as they're in a room with each other, the hands start roaming, and the grins draw closer to kisses... but if there's one thing these two lesbians know, it's how to be ravenous and erotic at the same time! By the time either of these horny ladies has a tongue against her clit, they're both almost ready to orgasm...

Starring: Heather Starlet, Delilah Blue

Emily Benjamins and Florence Dolce - Breast Friends

Description: Emily Benjamins and Florence Dolce sit on the patio to enjoy the breezy heights, to start this 26 minute lesbian scene. These two Best Friends could cut the sexual tension with a knife, but they'd rather just pinch it and lick it... so it's off to the living room, down on the sofa, and out of those clothes, to bring this Latina-on-ebony encounter out of their imaginations, and into the flesh!

Starring: Emily Benjamins, Florence Dolce

Cali Carter and Catie Parker - Best Friends and More

Description: Cali Carter and Catie Parker went out to the beach in their bikinis for a sunny good time, but they weren't expecting to be so turned on! These two blondes turn heads everywhere they go, but all they had to do was look at each other, to find the kind of lust they were after all along. Watch two Best Friends give in to temptation, when these gorgeous girlfriends get each other off in today's 24 minute lesbian scene!

Starring: Cali Carter, Catie Parker

Lola Milano and Macy Cartel Finally Fuck

Description: Lola Milano and Macy Cartel are best friends with a secret... a secret lust for each other's pussies! After a exploring each others' personalities a while, they've finally decided it's time to move on to exploring each others' bodies, in this 24 minute lesbian scene. If anything will send the ''touch me'' message, it's tight dresses and no panties... so watch what happens when these lovely ladies' lusts finally explode!

Starring: Lola Milano, Macy Cartel