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Visions of a Woman
Back cover - Visions of a Woman

Visions of a Woman Vol.1

Description : Iíve had a vision in my mind of a woman like you. Long hair and the most beautiful breasts Iíve ever seen Ė so feminine! Youíre everything I ever wanted and I canít believe you are here. Fantasy woman, you are a perfect goddess! Your sexual energy is mesmerizing and has me dripping!

Starring : Cali Carter, Catie Parker, Angelica Sky, Jasmine Gomez, Bree Daniels, Nilah Summers, Alyssa Reece, Hope Howell, Nina Dove

Cali Carter and Catie Parker - Play Time

Description: Cali Carter is reading and masturbating when Catie Parker joins her in bed, to start this 35 minute lesbian scene. Cali doesn't even take her fingers out of her pussy... she just sinks into a kiss and lets the fun begin! These two blondes might as well have been lifted right off a magazine cover... they're both drop-dead gorgeous, damned skilled at pleasing pussy, and plenty sensitive to the touch!

Starring: Cali Carter, Catie Parker

Angelica Sky and Jasmine Gomez - Hot to be Caught

Description: Angelica Sky and Jasmine Gomez star in this steamy 19 minute scene from Visions of a Woman. There are few things hotter than walking in on your lover while they're masturbating... and this lesbian couple responds just like anyone would. It's time to stop that hand, before it has all the fun! Next thing they know, they're in the middle of some of the most vigorous sex they've ever had!

Starring: Angelica Sky, Jasmine Gomez

Bree Daniels and Nilah Summers - Distractions

Description: Bree Daniels gets distracted by a horny Nilah Summers, to start this 33 minute lesbian scene. Bree's trying to read, but her Latina lover won't stop touching her... she's practically naked, and stroking her fingers over the redhead's shoulders, slowly sliding her shirt off. It must be time to ''maintain the relationship!'' You'll never see two women more photogenic as they use their tongues and thumbs to get what they need!

Starring: Bree Daniels, Nilah Summers

Alyssa Reece, Hope Howell, and Nina Dove Threesome

Description: Alyssa Reece, Hope Howell, and Nina Dove don't seem to know the meaning of the words ''study time,'' in this 28 minute lesbian scene. Maybe they shouldn't have opted to study in bed, in their panties! These three brunettes barely bother to resist as their minds and hands wander away from the books, and to each others' bodies... Time to get a whole lot of squirming orgasms out of their system, with one of the wildest lesbian threesomes ever!

Starring: Alyssa Reece, Hope Howell, Nina Dove