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Mommy And Me Vol.7
Back cover - Mommy And Me Vol.7

Mommy And Me Vol.7

Description : Oh sweetheart, Iíve been so lonely, and youíre my little girl, so we should feel good together. My little girl is a woman now! Oh damn, rub my clit Mommy! I love this sweet young pussy of yours! What the fuck, Mom! You want to be with girls? Then let me show you what you need to know. Nobody touches you like Mommy. Cum loud for Mom!

Starring : Brenda James, Alyssa Reece, Alexa Styles, Delilah Blue, Alicia Pleasures, Emily Benjamins, Nancy Vee, Lizzie Tucker

Alyssa Reece and Brenda James - Rough Day

Description: Alyssa Reece and Brenda James reconnect at the end of a tense day, and figure out what all the tension's about, in this 30 minute lesbian scene. When sexual tension rises to the point of bitchiness, it's time to kiss and make up... and make out! Luckily, this blonde MILF knows just the right spots to make all that tension melt into wet orgasms... and she's not afraid to make it happen!

Starring: Brenda James, Alyssa Reece

Alexa Styles Craves a Taste of Delilah Blue

Description: Alexa Styles comes home from work to find Delilah Blue working on her topless tan, in this 35 minute scene. The longer Delilah traipses around the house with her tits hanging out, the more Alexa fantasizes. She barges in on the younger brunette in the hot tub, and starts masturbating... and the awkward intrusion turns her on. After the bath, it's off to the bed, where they taste each others' days...

Starring: Alexa Styles, Delilah Blue

Alicia Pleasures and Emily Benjamins

Description: Alicia Pleasures and Emily Benjamins need a way to cut loose... and suddenly, they're looking at each other for a good time! There's a little hesitation as the clothes come off for this weird but sensual 29 minute lesbian scene. Once the younger Latina bends over and lets the feeling of a MILF's mouth sink into her pussy, she's ready for anything to happen... especially her own wet, shivering orgasm!

Starring: Alicia Pleasures, Emily Benjamins

Lizzie Tucker and Nancy Vee - Taste Me

Description: Lizzie Tucker and Nancy Vee find each other a most delicious distraction, in this 22 minute lesbian scene. ''How's this outfit look?'' is really an invitation to stare, and this MILF isn't afraid to lift up a dress and check out the best bits. Show and tell turns into touch and taste. you can just about smell the juices start flowing when the MILF pulls her lover's panties down with her teeth, and sinks her tongue in for a taste...

Starring: Nancy Vee, Lizzie Tucker