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Lesbians in the Wild
Back cover - Lesbians in the Wild

Lesbians in the Wild Vol.1

Description : Curvaceous lesbian goddesses Bella Rossi and Missy Minx orgasm on sea side cliffs to the sound of waves crashing behind them while Star Nine and Bianca Stone fuck with animal like passion under the dark night sky, howling like wolves and woodland nymphs. Cici Rhodes and Eden Coxx devour one another under the cover of tangled trees while Madison Young climbs branches bare foot and wearing taffeta while fucking her cunt with wild abandon. While the sun sets on our wild playground, amongst wild lilies and blades of green grass the luscious Maggie Mayhem and Jolene Parton envelope one another in a post-coitus embrace, dripping and wet with desire.

Starring : Bella Rossi, Missy Minks, Maggie Mayhem, Jolene Parton, Madison Young, Cici Rhodes, Eden Coxxx, Bianca Stone, Star Nine

Bella Rossi and Missy Minks - Lesbians in the Woods

Description: Bella Rossi and Missy Minks frolic in the woods for this 23 minute scene from Lesbians in the Wild. Bare feet, breezy dresses, and simple smiles... you couldn't ask for more idyllic foreplay than a simple, perfect day! Soft dresses are perfect for soft skin, especially when it's time to collapse into goose flesh and heaving ruffles... and someone brought all their sex toys, for this toe curling lesbian picnic!

Starring: Bella Rossi, Missy Minks

Jolene Parton and Maggie Mayhem in the Wild

Description: Jolene Parton and Maggie Mayhem can't find the right spot for their picnic, when this 20 minute scene opens up. It's getting old... and that's when they decide, the perfect spot just doesn't matter anymore -- it's just time to get down on the ground, and grind! All these ladies need is a taste of nature, from the great outdoors, and from each other. In this scene from Lesbians in the Wild, they get their wish...

Starring: Maggie Mayhem, Jolene Parton

Madison Young Masturbating Barefoot in the Woods

Description: Madison Young loves lesbian sex, and as you'll see in this masturbation cutaway, she's about as wild as they come... is it any surprise she practically makes herself the main event, for our Spring release, Lesbians in the Wild? We didn't think so either. Madison loves sex so much, she thought ahead for the perfect romp... with a layered dress, she gets to be the redhead in white, plus she's practically wearing her own tent!

Starring: Madison Young

Cici Rhodes and Eden Coxxx - All Natural Fun

Description: Cici Rhodes and Eden Coxxx know the best things in life most definitely are free... like sex in the woods! Follow these passionate brunettes to a private place in nature, and watch them sink into each other, with this 30 minute scene from Lesbians in the Wild. Watch the soft, squishy passion build up and explode in a scene that's so sensual, it's almost subtle... except for the shivering orgasms!

Starring: Cici Rhodes, Eden Coxxx

Bianca Stone and Star Nine - Moon and Forest

Description: Bianca Stone and Star Nine heed the call of the wild, in this 20 minute lesbian scene. The sun has set, and these two brunettes have wandered out into the woods, hoping not to be found until... later. Right now, all they want is to masturbate each other... and the chemistry couldn't have waited another second. Enjoy the show as these lesbians embrace their lunatic sides, and each others' naughty bits...

Starring: Bianca Stone, Star Nine